Friday, December 16, 2011

Frost Sheep Design

With the Annie doll done, Christmas gifts wrapped and another doll in the process of being made, I've been able to pull a few more loops on the sheep rug.  What really needs some attention is my house ~ it is in dire need of vacuuming, the kitchen floor needs to be scrubbed, but it is much more fun hooking than cleaning.   Christmas count down is getting critically close so will have to do something about that before Monday for sure.  Tomorrow is out since my grandson is coming over; seems Santa has to wrap gifts so I'll be watching him for a few hours.

It is a good thing I hooked this design myself before offering the pattern to others.  Now that I've hooked it will draw the border lines a little differently on ones I offer for sale.  Initially I drew a wide zig zag thinking that my wool strip would fit perfectly in there and would make a better pattern.  But it might be confusing to others so instead of drawing two lines to indicate the border zig zag design shape I will draw just the one line to indicate the zig zag border so the points come together better when hooked.  And of course you can see the edges of my rug are curling so it looks a little distorted along the edges ~ sorry.

I was hoping to get a little more done on the rug to show greater accomplishment but it has already been 3 days since my last post to the blog and since I'll be busy tomorrow thought it needed to be done today. 

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