Monday, February 13, 2012

WHEW..... just in the nick of time

I started the process of re-organizing my wool room early Saturday morning and just finished a few minutes ago and this is Monday late afternoon/early evening.  Frankly I could only stomach working in the room for half an hour max at a time because I was ready to give it all away and stop hooking I was so frustrated.  Welllll, maybe not give it all away.... nor would I have really stopped hooking.  But to say I was frustrated is an understatement.

Just in the nick of time because when I went to get my mail about 4:30, my bundle of joy had arrived via USPS priority.  These are very lovely wools.  Turkey Feathers I've used before and those were in the tree trunks of both my Woodland Deer and the Log Cabin rug and wanted more now in case when I want more Betsy doesn't have it.  And, if you don't presently get their flyers you should sign up to get them as the wool looks much better in person than on their web site.  Frankly, the wool looks better in person than it does in this picture I took.  So write them to get the next flyer; you can check out their web site and contact information at

I was going to pass on the Raspberry Crumb at first but it sure did look like a color that would be used nicely in the rug I'm planning to hook at Barb's in May so had to get some of that.  And just love those olde looking lights and I always need primitive dark backgrounds or animal colors.

So lookie.... lookie what I finally accomplished.  Yes, I have 3 bags of wool pieces, snippets, and crappy wool that was too loose a weave that I'm dumping.  Hey, had to get wool on shelves some how.  See, I told you there was a wonderful ice cream parlor table and chairs under that heap of wool.  The top is white marble and I've vintage hooked chair pads on the chairs which I picked up at the thrift shop in town.

And I also measured and pinned the dimensions of serged excess linens and placed on my quilt hanger.  When I get pattern orders there is usually always some excess linen and if it isn't serged then it will fray.  And having the dimensions pinned to it makes it a lot easier to locate an appropriate piece of linen when I get another pattern order.  That way there is no waste and I can use up what is already cut and serged.  Plus I use a lot of this excess for my own use.

My serger is in the background, but here is my nice clean table which is used to draw patterns, cut wool and color plan.  Then when I get back from camp the chaos begins all over again.  If ONLY I would keep things straight and put things back immediately.  sigh.....  guess it is a sickness.

And here are the other shelves which are more or less organized.  Well at least I can see my floor and the tables are clean.

Uh and this one I think I forgot to show you.  So this is yet ANOTHER shelf full of wool and these are mostly my darks.  Sheesh, makes you wonder how many dark background rugs I have planned ~ I mean??????? 

So my new wool is being washed as I write this.  And, you ask..... where the hell am I going to put it?  I haven't a clue either.  Guess I'll have to purge something.  Oh, and these shelves in my wool room ~ ~ I haven't shown you the attic wool.  I know, I know.  That needs to be cleaned out too since those are mostly flat colored clothing that I started to collect to build up my stash.   Uh, the stash I never thought I'd ever get since I had no wool when I became a hooker.  OMG.!  I am an addict... a wool hoarder.  Think that I need therapy! ! ! !  I'm not buying another yard of wool as long as I live. However, sadly I'll probably be holding my breath until the next Betsy flyer comes in the mail. 


  1. Saundra ~
    You win! My stash looks pretty weenie compared to yours and I will probably never us all the wool I have in my lifetime!
    Kim (Millie's Mats) refers to wool as hooker's crack. I think that's a pretty good description, don'tcha think?
    I don't think a wool room was meant to stay organized!
    Woolley hugs :)

  2. oh what a lovely stash! makes you just want to sleep in there among the beautiful wool

  3. Lordy, woman, what I wouldn't give to come play in your stash... :d

  4. Such a room! Such wool! Makes me want to go wool shopping!

  5. I feel so mush better. I am not alone! My walls are also filled with wool, but I call it insulation! Smiles, Lauri


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