Friday, May 11, 2012

Another day closer to Rug Camp

For some reason I just don't feel like much has been accomplished toward my preparation for rug camp (could it be because I'm on the computer AGAIN?).  Today I plan to sew the rows around my rug and cut away the excess  backing on my last remaining rug to be bound.  Since my girlfriend is driving to Ligonier I will while away the 4 hour ride while binding it.  Heck, may as well accomplish the undesirable task during the trip.  I really really LOVE the way this E.S. Frost sheep rug came out it looks so old in person and the mound the sheep is standing on does not look purple in person.

Meanwhile, I've started pulling wool for the Bumble Bee chair pad as this is what I want to hook the first evening and the next day while waiting my turn with Barb.  Oh my, but when I first started hooking my wool didn't include much texture, and the over dyeing I did was on flat natural white.  You wouldn't believe how much robins egg wool I have and that is what is going in the chair pad.  I just can't afford to not use it up ~ won't throw it away so may as well use it.  I'll mix a little texture into the background too just to give it a little umpf.

And, I just have 8 days to finish this little gift to Barb.  Didn't decide to hook it until a week ago and I've still a ways to go and bind it.  Sure hope Barb is too busy to go looking thru blogs because I want her to be surprised.  Maybe you'll recognize it.

Well I'd better get off'n this here contraption and get something accomplished.


  1. Have fun in Pennsylvania. That is one camp I really would like to go to some day. Everything about it looks like a wonderful time. Enjoy!
    Your sheep rug is great!

  2. The plaid fox is a great gift ~ hook on!!! Of course, I love the sheep!!

  3. I'm heading to the Denver Hook-In next weekend and I haven't any idea of what project I'm taking with me to work on - I need to decide SOON!

    It took me three hours to whip the edge of a small rug earlier this week, but I enjoyed every minute of it! Have fun at camp!

  4. I really need to get to my bee chair pad too...but I'm still spiraling...
    I can't wait to see what you'll be working on with Barbara. I wish I could join sound so excited! Keep us in the loop!


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