Thursday, July 19, 2012


Later this evening I'll be done with my Fall Swap mat, it is really cute and would love to keep it myself.  Maybe I'll make another for me and maybe even a little bigger than the 8" square size.  It is, after all going to be fall before we know it ~ I mean it just seems like a few weeks ago (yeah, I know it was longer than that) when we exchanged Christmas gifts with family and now we are in sweltering triple digit temperatures.    Tomorrow I should be able to post an updated picture of the cute swap mat.

Speaking of fall, I go thru a LOT of Sharpies with drawing out rug patterns and they seem to be used up quickly, particularly when I draw out a couple of the long Domestic Zoo designs.  Already the stores are displaying school supplies and they are lining the aisles at Walmart and drug stores.  So if you go thru Sharpie pens like I do then look closely every week, thru your drug store ads.  It is this time of year that I stock up on them as Rite Aid and Walgreen's compete with pricing and most times I can buy one and get one free of two-Sharpie packages.  So that would be getting 4 Sharpie pens for the price of two.  And, sometimes they are on sale and still with the BOGO sale.  

Yesterday I listed this purse/pouch on e-bay along with a few patterns.  Click on the e-bay link and it will direct you to all that I have listed as of now.  But believe me when I say there are lots more unhooked patterns that I need to sell but thought I would start with these items first.
My lion rug still hasn't been steamed or bound so when I steam the Fall Swap mat I will also steam my lion.  I'm looking forward to seeing that one all finished and taking it to Cape May for the rug show, so it definitely has to be completed before September.  Oh wow.... it will be interesting to see how many rugs I've hooked this year and which will make their way to the show in Cape May ~ that I'll also share in an upcoming post.

Thanks for stopping by.... stay cool.  But depending on where you are reading my blog, you just might be cool.



  1. Thanks for the heads up on Sharpies - I'll start watching for them. I do the same thing with glue sticks cuz I use them for prepping my quilt appliqués.

  2. I love getting school supplies for me! I love sharpies.


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