Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cape May Rug Camp and Ducks and Eggs Rug

In just 20 days and a wake-up I'll be on my way to wonderful Cape May, NJ for rug camp.  The last two years I was in Kris Miller's class and she is a great teacher with lots of techniques to share, loads of fun and interesting stories.  This year I'll be having another class with Bev Conway who is also a wonderful teacher and with two years absence decided I needed another Bev 'fix'.

The camp is held at the Victorian hotel The Chalfonte, the food is delicious, the atmosphere delightful, and the organizers of the camp (Norma and Linda) are very engaging and organized.  

My roomie Deb and I have a room just off  the top balcony which we refer to as "OUR veranda".  We can open the window of our room and listen to music playing as we sit just outside and have a glass of wine and chat after class and before dinner.  And that portion would be to top left portion of the hotel, second floor, just above the awnings.
And while the class may start in the regular class room to get started, many hookers make their way onto the long and shady porch to hook away until lunch time and then again after.    

My wool room is a mess already from previous projects, a stack of wool on top of the ice cream parlor table holds the wool I over dyed for the background and also a possible for the border my We Folk pattern at Cape May.
And then there is the stack of wool near my cutter which is the wool being used for the Ducks and Eggs Nest rug that I'm working on.  It would be wonderful if I could have this rug all hooked before Cape May so that it could be added to the other 7 rugs I have to take for the show (and YES, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share).  But don't think it is possible for me to have the rug all completed by then.  But here is a sneak peek of what it looks like now.

Since there was more positive response for the use of the honeycomb wool in the ducks' wings that is what went with.  So eventually I'll pull out the wool in the left duck and replace with the honeycomb ~ thanks to all of you who participated in the poll.

And now this is what it is looking like as of now.  It is fun hooking the leaves, actually I've had fun hooking everything so far and like how it looks.

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  1. What fun your going to have! It looks beautiful. Your hooking keeps getting better and better!
    Hugs Cheri

  2. I bet you will finish before you go. Heck, you're about half way there.
    Lucky you going to camp again!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. that's such a grand old lady, hope you have a wonderful camp stay, will look forward to seeing all your photos!


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