Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dyeing for Wee Folk

Since Cape May is a mere 39 days away and no other design is planned except Wee Folk so figured that I'd better get myself ready to hook that baby and over dye some background wool.

I have previously used the wonderful recipe from Beautiful Wool called High Meadow Green with great success and use it up fast so need more.  There is still maybe half a yard of previously dyed wool from that recipe but this time I wanted to add a smidgen more of the Chartreuse to have some variation since it will be used for not only the background but in the scallops or other places within the rug ~ so it will be good to have different values of the same color combination.  

This is a peek at some of the wool that is being dyed.  It contains about 4 or 5 different wools, some light some dark and that was planned of course.  This recipe turns out really great with wool that has some grey in it.  But also wanted some lighter wool textures for the background and flat to mix in with the background for maybe an outline of something close in value with the other.
This recipe calls for 1/2 t. Copenhagen Blue, 1/4 Khaki Drab and 1/4 Chartreuse in 1 C Boiling water.  Then from that concoction you decide how many tablespoons you wish to use in each dye pot.  I did 4 pots; two pots had 3 tablespoons of the mixture and two pots had 4 tablespoons.  

Here is a picture of some of the wool and think you can figure out which was in the pot of 3 T and 4 T.
And more wool.... I'm not so happy with the flat white dyed wool so back in the pot it may go with other wool.
I still have some dye left so will decide what I want to over dye to add to this but for sure think the flat wool goes back in.  Funny that when first beginning this adventure of hooking it was the flat wool that I purchased and thought it was fantastic.  Now, I understand that it is the textures which makes the rug more interesting.  Yet, also know that sometimes a dividing line is needed to separate a motif from a background which is close in value so for that reason may keep the flat and put back in the pot to darken up a smidgen.

Thanks for visiting a spell and welcome to AUGUST, before you know it we'll be wearing jackets.



  1. Sure wish I could stop by for a dye lesson! I keep buying supplies and books but haven't yet tried it. I hear it's not difficult ~ finding the time to just do it is my problem!
    Hugs :)

  2. I really enjoy the process of your work, it is very intriguing to see it come together for you.


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