Thursday, August 9, 2012

Something New on my Hooking Frame

Yippee, the chickens flew the coop so there was a spot on my hooking frame for something new.  Yes, guilt made me start sewing on the binding to the Lion and Trees rug but when my needle ran dry of thread I quickly put it aside to start hooking.  The rug needs to be bound before I leave for Cape May and it will be done by then, but oh man was I burning to get at the new project.

There are so many rugs that are on my 'to hook' list and seems the design that is the most recent love is the one I go after first.  If you read my blog on a regular basis you probably know what my latest love is.......... can't guess?......... maybe this will spark your memory. 
Since it was the original antique which spoke to me with it's softness and subtle colors, and since I with the original antique rug was mine, I'm going to try and replicate it using the wool I have on hand.  So this is the look  I'm attempting to achieve.
Hmmmm, when I picked out the wool for the first leaf it sorta looked like the same color as in the picture, but now in the photo I just took it looks more pink.  Just might have to pull that wool out and find something else; that is unless it changes color on my monitor or with the picture taking.  When I post this I'll be sure to look it over carefully and if need be change wool before going too far.

Remember I spoke to you about now being a good time to buy your Sharpies for drawing patterns?  Since school is about to start the drug stores are having great sales on pens.  I've been to Walgreen's twice and plan to go once more to get more.  The coupon says limit is 3 but today they let me buy 4.  The regular price is $2.99 for a package of two, but they are on sale for $1.79 for a package of two and with the coupon they are only 79 cents for a package of two.  Now that is a fantastic deal.

So run, don't walk, don't go past go and check out your local drug stores for sales.

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  1. Saundra,
    I understand why you love that antique rug! I LOVE it too!! The colors will be fun and challenging to try and replicate! Will be watching for more posts as you progress!
    I go through Sharpies like they are water!! LOL! Thanks for the tip! 79cents is a great deal!
    Cathy G

  2. Saundra ~
    Love, love, LOVE the latest on your frame!!!
    Thanks for the heads up on the Sharpies. I stopped at Walgreen's after work and I was surprised to see they still had some! I will have to stop again tomorrow.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. another good place is the Dollar Tree. denise

  4. cutr design!

    aacchh! gotta get my sharpies!

  5. sorry, long day, sometimes I can actually spell cute correctly!!

  6. Hi, Saundra,
    I really like your new chicken rug, can't wait to follow your progress. Good idea about stocking up on Sharpies!

  7. Why did I know that would be your choice?????? LOL.
    Sharpies at Sam's are 50 cents each.......I keep forgetting to tell you.
    And, yep, I agree.......that color loos a bit pink. Bet you could dirty it up with onion skins.

  8. I can't spell either. That's LOOK.


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