Friday, August 3, 2012

A Few More Vintage Rugs

Here are a few more vintage rugs that I enjoy and also some newly hooked antique adaptations that speak to me.  I've hooked a number of horses and chickens yet they both tickle my hooking sense.  I like this early chicken rug.
And this simplistic floral is attractive to me for some reason and notice the resemblance of the faded red and background color of the two ~ maybe it is partly the calming colors.
And for SURE on my TO HOOK list is this magnificent Magdalena Briner Lollipop rug ~ which is probably a stylized Tree of Life.  Just LOVE this rug!!!!! 
Another rug on my to hook list is the vintage Santa and Reindeer rug which is in the book Folk Art Underfoot by Joel and Kate Kopp.  I don't have a picture of it to post here but someone has hooked their version of it and took some creative license and put tongues around the perimeter.  I'm not sure how I'll hook mine just yet and it may be that I'll hook it in November with Lucille Festa.
Oh my but this speaks to me too ~ there is very little color and the color in the leaves is very subtle yet interesting.  I like how the leaves hover over the ducks and the eggs.
And this is a cool design and now I know from where Barb Carroll got the idea for her pattern of Ned.  A lot of her rugs are inspired by antique rugs but it is always fun to see the original.
There may well be someone who offers this design on linen but this photo is one I took in an antique art book.

And this one is the original antique rug from which I hooked my Lion and Trees.
Thanks for stopping by and happy hooking.



  1. wow, these are all just amazing, I can't decide which design I like best!

  2. I know which I like best! The Duck and Eggs rug and the art with the bear in the tree. If that wouldn't make the cutest rug!!!!!!
    Love the old ones. Like us, oldies but goodies!!!!!!

  3. Saundra ~
    You must stop tempting us with these rugs. I won't live long enough to hook 1/10 what I want to!
    Happy Saturday to you.
    Hugs :)

  4. Saundra, more beautiful antique rugs, I love the first one, the early chickens. More rugs that I would love to hook, but would need several lifetimes!

  5. The "simplistic floral" is a quilt design from the 1800's. I should remember the name of it, but I'm falling asleep - brain is already shut off I guess 😊 It's a beautiful rug.


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