Monday, August 27, 2012

Cape May Getaway coming soon

So far I haven't gotten to the frenzied child stage of anticipation of Santa (a/k/a Cape May) so that is still yet to come as it usually does for every rug camp. As old as I am and for as many rug camps I've attended you'd think I'd have outgrown that by now.  Perhaps it is because I haven't attended nearly as many rug camps as some hookers I know, but even if I had truly doubt that frenzy would have dissipated by now.

It is now less than two weeks away until camp and I'm slowly making progress.  The wool pulling for the rug to be hooked has begun but will do another inventory closer to departure date and will probably add more wool rather than remove.

Okay, okay, I know you've been biting your nails wondering what I'm hooking in Bev's class.  It is a design that stopped my heart oh so many years ago when first infatuated with rug hooking.  It is a design by Vermont Folk Art and this is the rug which was posted on their web site at that time.  It was hooked by Rebecca Erb (I'm sure you hookers know who that woman is) but this is the only picture I've ever seen hooked.  SO..... IF any of you have pictures or know of someone who has hooked this design I surely would love to see other people's adaptations of it.  The design name is Wee Folk.
When attending Barb's at Woolley Fox in May I had a new system that I tried out.  Instead of carrying 3 full totes of wool down to the basement I carried wool samples on rings as my 'offering' and had more of each of the wools in totes in the van.  That way, when she viewed my wool to make color planning choices I could retrieve the larger pieces from my van that she had chosen for the rug.  This way there is also less hauling totes from the classroom back to the van when leaving.  So on one ring I have wool of the brighter colors, background and border offerings, on the other I'm trying to limit that to just the critter colors.  But depending on how heavy one ring gets I just might move the background and border colors to the other ring.  And, it appears the one ring will be heaveier so the move seems eminent.

Here is a bunch of wool that I dyed using various textures and with different quantities of the same color in different pots to get a variety of options for background and usage of the same color in other parts of the rug.  Must add here that the colors of the wool is very washed out with the flash.
And this is the second tote I'll take but isn't completely packed.  However, there are some colors on the ring which may only take that which is pinned to the ring since the shirt, pants, etc. of the critters is small.  You can see one of the critters on the pattern to the right of this post.  
My plans were for me to post a current picture of the Duck's Egg Nest here but think I'll make you wait until tomorrow.  

So now not only am I challenged with getting ready for rug camp but also have to clean my house before my house and Ben sitter comes.  My house is full of rug snippets and probably cob webs since they are getting ready for autumn.

Thanks for stopping by and maybe I'll have an update on my Duck's and Egg Nest tomorrow.



  1. What a fun, fun pattern!!! I'm sure you will choose the perfect colors.
    Hugs :)

  2. when vermont folk rugs first came on the scene I got their dye book and saw that pattern vowing to hook that someday but some day hasn't come yet so excited for you.
    I wish I had the experience of going to lots of rug camps just two of them.

  3. Saundra, What a great idea, putting strips of wool on the rings. Great idea for me when shopping for new wools too! Thanks for sharing that tip. ~Ann

  4. I love the Wee Folks!
    The idea for the samples is just terrific, what a time and back saver that will be!

  5. I just picked up a rectangle wire basket w/handles. I plan to take it with me to my next workshop with coiled fat 1/8s pcs of wool, instead of piles of wool... Great idea to keep samples on large rings that you can keep front and centered at all times, nice!!


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