Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Done and On Its Way.... YAY!

Thankfully the Two Chickens rug I was commissioned to do is done and it is in the mail to the recipient.  Since I'd already hooked the rug once wasn't so much interested in hooking it again.  However, the person wanted a gold and black texture for the chickens instead of the black and white that I'd hooked previously.  Here it is in all it's finished glory and with a black and white pillow ticking binding.
Yes, I'll be paid for my services but now know that I am not fond of doing commissioned rugs, even small ones.  So now I need something new to hook and am thinking of a ghost to hang on my front door plus time to draw out an antique rug to hook.  I've still the spiral mat to work on tho, until one or the other ideas come to fruition, plus still have my lion rug to bind before Cape May.

My son gave me a humongous zucchini and if I remember correctly the circumference was 13 1/2" and diameter 9 1/2" ~ the zucchini is now gone so can't measure it but those figures seem to stick in my mind. 
Anyway, he asked me to make some zucchini bread so went on line to find a healthy recipe and particularly wanted it to have some whole wheat flour instead of white processed flour.  After grating enough for two loaves (one for my son and one for me) gave the rest of the zucchini to a neighbor for her to make a few loaves as well.  It was just too tedious for me to pull out all the larger seeds and really wanted to get the chicken rug done so stopped at two loaves.  But I must say the zucchini bread is yummy.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Saundra ~
    The rug come out just perfectly. I'm sure it will be well received!
    Zucchini bread. YUM! I've never made it but the wife of one my co-workers makes it often and he brings us a loaf.
    Hugs :)

  2. Your hooking is wonderful as always.
    the bread sounds great I have one zucchini in the garden I am waiting for it to get big to grate.

  3. good for you! hooray!

    yummy bread, my friend makes it for us, I get the zukes!

  4. Hi Saundra,The rug was great.You did a good job.Hugs Cheri


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