Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Too Hot To Handle

Don't let that title get you all excited.  I'm sitting in my house where the temperature is now 77 degrees at 5:45 p.m. and the third day without A/C.  Oh, and this is with the ceiling fans going on.  Thank God today there was less humidity and the morning temps allowed me to open the windows to let cooler air flow in the windows until the heat of the morning sun forced me to shut the windows and take advantage of the coolness.

I'm having to buy a whole new unit to the tune of $4,700 because this unit uses the unacceptable freon R22 and the unit is old so the furnace would nickle dime me to death.  Again, today is Wednesday and I won't have the new unit installed and working until late the afternoon on Friday.  So, there goes any great wool buying at Cape May, ya think?

Anyway, enough of the bad news, because I know you want to see a picture of my Duck's and Egg Nest rug.  This is the way it looks now but I've got to put it aside so that I can finally finish binding the Lion rug and update my web site with hooked purses and eye glass cases.  Plus I want to hook a ghost to hang on my front door for October.  So I figure the rest of this rug can even wait until Cape May for me to work on while awaiting Bev to color plan the Wee Folk rug.
Okay, so even beyond the rug stuff, I've really really really got to clean up this pig sty.  Right now I've an excuse since it is too hot to even vacuum.  And  it is too hot for me to go upstairs to finish pulling wool for Cape May because heat RISES.

Here are some eye glass cases  which will go on my web site when I EVER find the time. These went on a travel tour with Polly ( yeah, Polly Minick).
And also these purses.  Actually the black and white flag purse has been listed on my web site but the others were on a longer 'tour' with Polly for a few months.  
Okay, time for me to open the windows to the cooler outside air so gonna close for the night.  So, thanks for stopping by.



  1. Oh, Saundra ~
    The A/C problem sucks! I had to bite the bullet a couple years ago for my house and it about killed me, but after living with no A/C two sweltering summers ago, I had to do it. Thankfully with my mom's house it wasn't nearly that bad.
    I just bet, though, you will find some $$ for wool :)
    Your purse and eyeglass cases are just TOO SWEET!!!
    And your are SO CLOSE. I'm lovin' it more each time I see it.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. that sucks! at least you're in Delaware where it's cooler than Florida and it's not raining Enjoy yourself in Cape May. denise

  3. Hi, Saundra,
    How awful about your a/c. I feel for you, what a large unexpected expense! Your eyeglass cases are so cute, I can't use them because I wear my glasses all the time.
    Will you be releasing a pattern for the chickens and eggs rug? I love it!


  4. Sorry to hear of your struggle. Wool money will turn up in unexpected places I'm sure. Love the rug, hope the trip goes well very soon now!! the little purses are precious!


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