Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Tease Before my Rug Camp

Oh this is a funny twist of a post. .... SORRY.  I took pictures of  my wool, the design I plan to hook and then all of a sudden I'm taking a hard right hand turn. It is just the way my mind is going at the time so bear with me and you'll see everything in another post.

Normally I hook vintage or antique adaptations since those go well with the antiques in my home.  But sometimes I see a design which just drives me crazy.  Okay, so LOTS of designs drive me crazy.  And this is why the post changed ~ because the rug I'm hooking at camp is different and more colorful than I normally hook.   AnyHOO.... to continue.....

Then when going to rug camps was exposed to Gail DeFresne, Bev Conway and other hookers who use color.  So one year when I was signed up for a Bev Conway class I really had planned to hook Deanne Fitzpatrick's "Coastal Girls" rug.  Man did I like those slim girly girls with their scarfs floating in the breeze.  

BUT....much as I tried to get into the moment with the wonderful design it just wasn't me at the time.  My husband had just decided to divorce me so there was a wounded older woman's heart speaking out.  It was an older but wiser woman who had already been where those other gals had been.  

So my project with Bev was what I call the Olde Gals.  No it is not my original design but one that I received permission to hook from the quilter.  I took some creative license, enlarged most of their butts and put seams down their nylon hose.  So for me it was a group of older women who were wearing their out-of-date clothing, liked who they are and they are happy.  I'd suspect they are hookers and just taking a break from rug camp.

And, BTW, this was in a former ATHA magazine about about 5 years ago.

Sorry, but once again BLOGGER is not working.  I tried to do the spell check (NOT WORKING) so who knows what you'll read tomorrow.  And am glad that the rug camp pics aren't on here.



  1. I have taken a class with bev conway and I love her color. This rug is wonderful I just love it esp the line in their stockings.

  2. What a fun rug. LOVE their butts!
    Hugs :)

  3. Saundra,
    I LOVE the creative license you took with this rug! The seams in the nylons, the curvy and colorful women! I think Bev Conway must be so much fun to learn from!!
    Thanks for posting this and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!!!
    Cathy G


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