Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Getting Close

A  few things are getting close...... although I've not been hooking as much as I'd like (life sometimes gets in the way), it is getting close to sorta, kinda, almost done.  Must say this Ducks and Egg Nest has been fun to hook and a different color palate than I normally hook.  Mostly I prefer the more drab old looking vintage used rug, so this soft look with heathery leaves is probably why I loved it.  It is different than I normally do but still in a wide cut (my fav).  Most is hooked in #8.5 with some in #8.  
And, Cape May rug camp is getting close with only 15 days and a wake-up.  At least today I started to pull some wool for my rug (finally).  The design I am hooking is Wee Folk and a design by Vermont Folk Art Rugs ~ one that has haunted me for years but seemed that something else always ended being on top of the list for the next camp.  Well I'm finally going to hook this baby.  

Again, this rug is a little off from my normal old drab color palate.  I love taking a class with Bev and she is great with whimsy and color so this will be right up her alley  The pile to the upper left is the soft light variety of textures I dyed for the background and on top of that (the darker) is what I think may be used for the border.  The brights will need to stand out beyond the background color but not sure Bev will choose any I'm taking.  If not, I'll buy a fat quarter of whatever is needed to make the rug work.  I've always been happy with the rug that comes out of a Bev class.
Although I have pulled brighter colors out I haven't gathered the wool for the 'critters' in the rug nor for the cycles.  It will require more concentration and I'm short on that of late.

So...... back to Cape May, in a previous post I mentioned about the hooking on the front porch of the Chalefonte.  Yes, there are classrooms, but after the initial start up and teachers make their rounds to the students to get them started...., those who wish, may go on the front porch and hook with the breeze, sunlight and the clip clop sound of horse drawn carriages taking people on tours.  I find that sound rather soothing, particularly with the ocean breeze just two blocks away.  Here is a picture of Cindi Gay with her class on the porch.
Cindi Gay teaching on the porch at Cape May NJ rughooking camp
Oh my but I'm really looking forward to camp, my pals, laughter, no cooking, no cleaning and the beach just two blocks away.  Yes it is an extravagance but it sure does soothe my heart and mind and rejuvenates the soul.

Thanks for visiting.  Oh, and thanks for all the new Followers!!!!  How great is that!!!



  1. you are a hooking machine! Lord if I could do half I would be happy.
    lucky you going to camp that is in my someday file.

  2. Saundra ~
    LOVE your duck and eggs. You really need to offer that as a pattern!!! I knew you'd finish that rug before camp!
    Are you going to share your camp pattern with us or make us wait?
    Hugs :)

  3. Yes, what is your camp pattern ~ inquiring minds want to know! Your camp sounds like fun!

  4. Your duckie pattern is just precious!!!!! I love following all your progress. Dang I wish we liver closer to one another.
    Keep hooking - kiss Ben - will chat next week.

  5. Hello Saundra, I'm new to your blog, and really enjoy it! I, too, love the Ducks & Eggs pattern. Can't wait to see what you are working on for camp.

  6. I do plan to show you the camp rug but thought I had previously done so. So today (Sunday) plan to post it and some of the wool I'm taking.


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