Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big Dog Hollow all Bound

Oh but it does feel good to completely finish a rug.  And I hate binding but once done there is a sense of accomplishment and relief.  At one time think I had 3 rugs to bind and was hooking yet another and it drove me crazy seeing those rugs laying in the wings.  Here is Big Dog Hollow all done, again thanks for initiating the swap Kathy.
A few posts ago I showed how I prepared the foundation before rolling it forward.  The next thing I do is do a stay stitch (whip) it in position using a heavy thread.  Doing it this way might seem like double work but it goes more smoothly for me rather than rolling and holding the roll while it is being whipped with wool. 
I am using a different wool yarn than I've used before.  Previously I've used Halcyon bulky yarn to whip rugs and asked my friend Evelyn what kind of wool she used.  She provided the name of elann to me and their wool yarn is a lot cheaper.  As you can see from the label I used Highland Bulky.
The finished rug measures 27" x 33 1/2" and took just a smidgen less than one skein of wool to whip the rug using doubled yarn.  The skein measures 54.5 yards (50 metres).

So now I can finally hook on the Red Bird of Pennsylvania antique adaptation without guilt.  I've missed these last couple days of non hooking so perhaps tomorrow I'll have a little progress to show you on my Red Bird.

Have a wonderful evening.



  1. How great !! I'm sure you feel so free to work on your red bird or anything else with that out of the way..How I wish I could get this one just seems to be taking me forever, but it doesn't help that I have CONSTANT

  2. Saundra ~
    Congrats on whipping Big Dog! I still have one rug left to bind. I really plan on doing it this weekend. Thanks for the tip on the wool yarn. I've never whipped with wool...want to try that next.
    Hugs :)

  3. Your Hooked Rug is lovely, Saundra !
    The colors are beautiful.
    It always feels good to bring a rug to completion !


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