Sunday, August 4, 2013

Binding Jack and a Label

With Westmoreland Ponies hooked and bound and Jack all hooked, it was time to bind him as well.  It feels so good to have no rugs waiting for the final finish.  I used the same yarn to whip at the edge of cotton binding as I did with Westmoreland Ponies, so you can check back on that blog post to check out the whipping and colors.

Here is Jack.  As previously mentioned, this is a pattern designed by Barb Carroll and was free pattern insert in the Sept/Oct 1997 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  I think Jack is quite handsome and torn between keeping him myself or sharing with someone by putting him on e-bay to provide revenue to help keep me in my hooking habit.  This picture without a flash is more what he looks like in person.
This is with a flash which makes the colors appear more bright than they really are but you can see the colors in the textures.
Someone asked to see the label for the Westmoreland Ponies so here it is.  It is smaller than I'd like as it would be nice to have fabric to turn under when stitching, that is why I used my pinking shears in order to retard raveling.  So until a larger label is designed this will do and I'll just cover this one over one day with a larger and better label.
Since there is no pattern ready for my Snapdragon as of yet I've resigned myself to sewing on a few more labels to the rugs.  Seems to me there were 8 labels on the 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of fabric that I printed out.  Should have had only maybe 4 labels per sheet but now I know better.  Next up for labeling will be Oh Deer and Mother Hen.

Still don't know what I want to hook next so that is why this is a no muss no fuss, easy peasy task.  Oh, no matter how many pins I put on a label it still  moves and is never on straight.  BUT, it is labeled with all the information.

Have a great evening and catch'ya on the flip flop.



  1. I can't sew a label on straight either!
    Looking forward to seeing your next project!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. This is where the wringing of the hands starts...
    What, no project to start !!!
    Just kidding, I cannot even sit for one evening without a project. ;)
    Thanks Saundra, for showing your label. I love seeing how people label their work - so many different ways. The Pumpkin is perfect !

  3. I love your label. Cute friendly flower. I started machine sewing the label to a piece of wool, then hand sewing the wool (with label) to the rug. It was easier to sew. I learned it from a Rug Hooking Magazine article.




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