Saturday, August 3, 2013

Westmoreland Ponies

Can't remember if I posted a final picture of Westmoreland Ponies after pulling the last loop or not, but it has just been bound and am about to sew the label on. 

Try tho I may, my picture taking of rugs is the pits.  So there is no way that even if I had a Celebrations worthy rug would I be able to get a proper picture.  I even pinned it to a foam board, took it outside in natural light and still no good pictures.  Either my camera was leaning more to one side, or tiled in some way so that it was off kilter when trying to crop the photo.  And even tried different settings.  On this setting, the flash went off anyway so it appears brighter than normal.
And this setting made the picture a little darker.  And in both pictures it is hard to see the one row border around the rug, but it is there and has all the same colors in a textured wool with the same colors as throughout the rug.
Westmoreland Ponies was designed by Barb Carroll and was a free pattern insert in a 2010 issue of RHM.  Now to get ready for the binding of Jack.

Enjoy your Saturday evening.



  1. You are one heck of a fast hooker!!! I am so impressed that it's done except for the label. You put me to shame.
    Hugs :)

  2. Beautiful rug !
    Would love to see a picture of the label you attach to the back. ;)
    The rich reds you used are lovely.


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