Sunday, August 18, 2013

Contimplating Cape May Rug Camp

Cape May rug camp "Rugs by the Sea" is less than 4 weeks away and am still going with the idea of hooking my departed Shadow.  There were a couple pictures of her and couldn't decide which view to hook and finally decided on the one where her head is tilted.  When I spoke she would tilt her head listening to every word I said and she cracked me up each and every time.  She looked so darn cute that I would laugh out loud then she would get up and come over to say she was glad she made me happy.
Here was the other picture under consideration.
After hooking my departed Rotties using a #3 cut for the dogs, couldn't stand hooking with at size any longer so hooked the background in #5.  My dear sweet Shadow is going to be a wide cut girl and think she'd approve.

I've even started pulling some wool but might rummage thru the brown bin once more.  If I don't have the right color wool I'll buy some.  But the pattern will only be around 18 x 24 so won't need a lot.  Yet think I'll need more of the lighter gold colors so maybe I'll try and dye a tad more before camp.
The background color will be the same green (or close) to that used   for the Rottweiler Memorial.  I have some of it left from the previous dye job but usually have consistent good results in repeating that color if I need more.  Here's my Rottweiler Memorial.
Hope you all have enjoyed the nice lower humidity and breezy days like I have.  But today it is back to a dark and rainy day. 



  1. I would say you are off to a good start with colors for your new rug !

  2. Looks like you've captured just the right colors!

  3. Cloudy here be no rain. We could use some!
    I just love when they tilt their head! Makes me smile, too.
    Happy Sunday, my friend.
    Hugs :)

  4. I really like your choice. You can see the love in Shadow's eyes. I think you were lucky to have had each other. ...jan

  5. Oh, what wonderful photos. I love the second one, for a portrait. Simply gorgeous. Love all the wool you have pulled out. YOU are amazing (just like your dogs).

    P.S. One day, I will hook Lucy Poosey. I have saved lots of her hair over the years and want to hook some of it, in, around her face. Remember, she was my small himi. Shoot, I have to wait on that tho - it still makes me cry that she's gone.


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