Sunday, August 11, 2013

Call Me Crazy But........

....... would you believe that I have actually enjoyed hooking the circles and can't wait to get back to them?  Frankly I wanted to continue hooking all the circles until they were done but knew that I had to start putting color between the circles and solidify a part of the rug. 

At first my plan was to hook two rows of circles and then the soft light above the red.  But then decided to hook the dark before starting the third row of circles.    I usually try to post a picture with a flash and without.  Here is the picture with a flash which, of course makes everything look brighter than it is.  Oh, and yes, that is wool between the red and the bottom row of circles, it just happens to be natural linen color.
Here is a picture without flash and as always it is a little blurry without a flash. 
So far the only wool I have cut is that for the natural background, every piece of wool other than that has been from my woollie basket and am hoping to continue with that theme.  While there are some neutral linen colored wool strips in my baggies, there is not enough to do the whole rug.  But believe me when I say that I'll cut as few strips as possible because that is another challenge of mine for this rug.

Sure didn't want to pull the rug off the frame to take a picture and post as my circles were calling me. 

Must make mention here that since Magdalena's Lollipop Bouquet is an antique in public domain I was free to draw it and hook it myself.  I do NOT sell this design but Barb Carroll does.  However, I DO sell Magdalena Briner's Domestic Zoo pattern and Barb posts my name on her web site.

Have a great Sunday evening.



  1. This is a perfect scrap busting project. I'm anxious to watch it progress.

  2. Can you teach me to love hooking circles???
    Good luck with the woolly worms. That was my goal with my Magdalena runner, but it was easier to cut more worms than the look for the right one. I guess I wasn't as organized as you are. Yeah for you.
    Hugs :)

  3. it looks wonderful! that's great you're using up your scraps!

  4. Looks like a great way to use up those woolie worms! Love your progress!


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