Monday, August 5, 2013

Labels and in Limbo

I feel a sense of accomplishment in sewing labels on my most recent rugs (think I've done 5 and will do 3 more tonight) yet feel in limbo.  This could well be the most days I've gone without having something on my frame even if it was a flower pin or purse.

During that label sewing time I've contemplated what should go on my frame next.  Lord knows I've plenty patterns drawn on foundation already by others AND me, some patterns in books that have held my interest, and I've had a few ideas brewing in my cranium as well.  But....... in taking time to decide what I'd really like to do think I've decided. 

HA, that said, I've been known to have a design planned and take a hard right hand turn.  Well, gals you know the story....., "a woman has a right to change her mind", right?  So the pattern hasn't been drawn yet, but this is what I THINK will be my next rug.
This is Magdalena Briner's Lollipop Bouquet.  Her design could have been a stylized Tree of Life or a primitive bouquet of flowers.  The original rug measured 35" x 45 1/2" and can tell you right now that mine will not be that big.  This will be a fantastic next rug to reduce my worms and since they have been separated according to color would make it an easy peasy project.  Sure I might need to cut something here and there but will make it my mission to use up this vast collection of woolie worms I have. 

I do not sell this pattern but Woolley Fox does.   

Enjoy your evening and please be kind to one another.



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