Monday, August 26, 2013

Busy Bee and Giveaway

AH HA!  That last word got your attention didn't it?  I'll get to that part later. 

Yesterday I was a busy bee and worked non-stop from the time I got up until about 4 p.m.  Well, I did stop long enough to eat breakfast and lunch.  It started in the morning with coffee in hand to cut linen for 12 patterns, then serged the edges.  Today I'll begin to draw the designs.

Next was start laundry while pushing the mower in Ben's backyard.  Since it was a nice day, when the laundry was done I hung the white things on the line out back.  Followed by mowing the remainder of the acreage, pulling some (not all) weeds and trimming some (not all) bushes.  So this old gal is moving a little slower today.

Finally at 4 p.m. after feeding my boy Ben decided to sit, relax and start some flower pins.  Am not done with the Lollipop Bouquet but since Cape May camp is a few short weeks away wanted to make flower pins to offer for sale in the camp store. 
And now, for the giveaway part.  Heck, some of you probably already cheated and scrolled down to the bottom first just like you probably do with a good mystery and go to the back of the book and find out what happened without reading the middle of the book.....I know you people ;~).

Remember this wool?
Well I'm going to give away 1/4 yard of all three pieces to someone, but not the over dyed ~ I'll leave that up to you to either over dye or if you're brave you can hook it as is.  You can see the front and back of the brown, green and red in the photo.  The name will be drawn on Thursday, August 29th.

Here are the rules: 

~ Must be a follower (I'll check)
~ No 'anonomyous' or 'no-reply' e-mails will be eligible
~ Only US participants (sorry, thinking postage $)

That's it.  Just leave a message on this blog post that you'd like to be included in the giveaway.

Have a great Monday everyone.

Glenda, a message from you arrived but you have a "NO-REPLY" blogger address so will not be able to write to you and let you know you won.   Please everyone, check your profile (or maybe it is 'settings') and be sure you aren't a NO REPLY.  When you elect the 'no reply' blogger address I cannot respond to your message, and I refuse to post the name of the winner in hopes they will read and reply back to me.  I'd rather be able to send an e-mail to the person who posted the comment to let them know of their win.   



  1. Just starting the morning and now I am tired from reading all that you accomplished yesterday! I played golf and then did some hooking last night. I have to pull loops out instead of putting loops in today just can't get the right color for grass either to busy or to solid! Thanks for your log and the chance to win some wool!

  2. Wow - you sure did accomplish a lot! Luckily you got to squeeze a little hooking into your day to make it complete. I'm a follower (of course)

  3. I hope you sell a ton of flower pins! You sure did fit alot into your day! For the most part Im an early riser and like to fit my chores in before noon so I can play the rest of the day.

  4. You certainly were a busy bee. You made me tired just thinking about doing all that in a day. My weekend fell closer to the lazy side :)
    I can't enter your giveaway (boohoo) but I do understand. Someone will be a lucky hooker with the wool.

  5. I was lazy all weekend.. so you put me to shame. I am hoping to accomplish more this week after work..
    as much as I would like to win the wool I have to admit that I have not pulled a single loop all summer so I don't think I should be eligible.

    Yep I am a devoted follower tho.

  6. Girlfriend,
    My body aches for you as I remember the days of taking care of my farm. Now my yard is so small, there was no reason to hang onto my beloved lawn tractor.

    As a devoted folower, I would love to be entered into your give-away. Getting free wool is a wonderful thing!

    take care,

  7. Well you accomplished a lot today.
    put me in I would love to give that wool a try.

  8. Please, I want to enter for your give away!

  9. WOW! You got all that done AND had time to hook. I am impressed.
    Of course I'd love to be entered and of course I'd read your post even if it didn't say give-away!
    Hugs :)

  10. Sign me up. Wool looks great

    Hugs, Kat

  11. Love all your rugs. Your blogs is wonderful. Thanks

  12. I am not sure if I am the right Glenda ? I do not want to take someone else's prize well if it is wool I don't mind ! See if my address comes through this time. I am a bit illiterate when it comes to blog stuff.

  13. Hey Gurlfriend, I'd love to win your giveaway. I had to chuckle at "Ben's backyard"....haha....Yes these dogs let us live with them!!! After I would have done all that yard work I would have needed a nap!!! Not sure what the no reply thing means but my email is, which you know by heart most likely!!! Thanks for the generosity!


  14. End each evening with your blog, Saundra. Would love some of your funky wool to complement my funky wool, Count me in! :) Annie C


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