Thursday, August 15, 2013

Status of Lollipop Bouquet

Doesn't appear that I've accomplished much in the last 3 days but some loops have been pulled.  With unsuccessfully battling my web site using Dreamweaver, which I cannot seem to learn to use, trimming some bushes and cutting grass, it's really eaten into my fun hooking time. 

But this is what I've done so far.  Only 26 more circles to hook, which means I've hooked 40 of them so far.
This is what the original antique looks like.  It is hard to tell in this small picture but in larger views of the original antique it appears that Magdalena did an outline row using darks, lights and anything else which may appear in the hit and miss background.  So I'm getting anxious to do a holding line all around so that I can soon start that hit and miss.  But as you can see the largest part of the design is the lollipop bouquet so have a ways to go yet.
Hmm, I can see something I want to pull out, but probably no one will even notice if I do re-hook that one small spot.  That might make for an interesting post tomorrow....... 'what do you see different' sorta topic.

Have enjoyed these last two days of breezy and less humid weather; it's beginning to feel like fall.  But weatherman says it will be back to hotter and rainy weather beginning tomorrow night.

Have a great evening.


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  1. Splendid progress.
    Like your color choices. ;)
    (and yes, this weather has been lovely !)


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