Saturday, August 31, 2013

Flower Pins Done and back to Lollipop Bouquet

Yesterday I actually did manage to pull some loops on Lollipop Bouquet but not enough to want to show you yet.  And hooking flower pins has stages and between stages things need to set.  Then there is the trimming, making the leaves, covering the back and putting on the pin part.  Oh, then the cards to attach the pins to. 
Placed in two vintage sewing machine drawers and going to Cape May will be 34 flower pins.  I'm sure not all will sell but last year did manage to sell more than I expected, so hopefully there will be newbies to buy.  Or perhaps a friend saw the one the person purchased last year so this year they will pick up one for their friend.

Those of you who do craft shows know that you might expect something to sell for sure, if only you can get it done on time to take.  You work to get the task done because you KNOW it's going to be a seller.  You do your show and you bring home that project you worked so hard on. 

One just never knows what is going to sell as it all depends on the buyer and what is hot.  OR, what the buyer must choose between with their limited funds. 

Have a fun-filled and safe holiday weekend.



  1. Your pins are lovely, Saundra.
    Nicely done and displayed so nice, too.

  2. Those are such nice pins. I always admire those crafters who put so much work into getting ready for a show. I hope you come home with an empty table


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