Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dying Shadow's Background

Yesterday I mentioned dying Shadow's background a periwinkle blue at the recommendation of my teacher Diane Stoffel.  This picture was taken at Cape May using a piece of wool the color she suggested.  Then I came home to replicate the color (hopefully).
It wasn't the choice I'd planned to use and while I love wearing that color (it looks good on an old broad like me <grin>) it isn't a color which I normally hook with.  And had planned to hook the background with the same soft green as was my Rottweiler Memorial.  Since I respected the advice of my teacher decided to change my plan.

You saw the results in yesterday's post and must say that it does make Shadow really stand out and be noticed.  This is the result of my trying to duplicate the color.  Wish mine had turned out a bit more mottled tho.  Interesting the change in color between the lighting at Cape May and here. 
The recipe was called "Soldier Blue" in the book Beautiful Wool by Laurice Heath.  The book has recipes for both Cushing as well as ProChem dyes so you can't go wrong.  Soldier Blue called for ProChem so that is what I used.  Here is the book:
Inside it says it is a Cabin Ridge Press publication in Fredericksburg, TX.  Not sure it is out of publication, but perhaps you could check e-bay or Amazon by either using the title name, author or ISBN 0-9714757-0-9.

I must say that every recipe ever tried from this book has turned out well for me.  And the COOL thing is that some of the recipes you make a 'formula' using the dyes and in 1 CBW.  Of that cup it will give suggestions and picture of various colors using a certain number of the FORMULA.  So you can start out with just 2 TBS of the formula and if it is too light you add more according to your plan.

Hopefully you have good luck and good results when using it too.    Something I do is cut a corner off, staple the results to a piece of paper and write down the recipe name, how many tablespoons of the dye it took and over what wool.  Oh, that is something else the book provides for you...... it will show a color picture of results with various tablespoons of dye for the job as well as whether it was over natural wool, grey, tan, etc.  A very good book to own if you dye, in my estimation.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy what may be the last of summer-like weather before fall.



  1. One of these days I really am going to try to dye!
    Hugs :)

  2. I love reading how you work out the various colors!

  3. Shadow is looking so handsome! I hooked one of my dogs, who is similar colors and I used a teal as a background. I love how it turned out, but the periwinkle is a nice color as well. If you want to see a pic of the color I used you can see it here.

  4. Your rug looks wonderful. The periwinkle is a great color for the background. I love that dye is one of my "go to books" Maria


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