Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Throwing Caution and Proper Hooking Techinques to the Wind

I have never had a class with Elizabeth Black, mostly because I don't care for tiny cuts even tho my Rottweiler Memorial was hooked in #3.  At my age I don't want my hand slapped with a ruler if I don't follow the rules (pun intended).  But I've heard that when hooking animals you hook them the way the hair grows.  Oh, right.  Look at Shadow's picture further down ~ her hair moves in every direction because of the folds.

The reason my poor girl Shadow hasn't been completed yet, even tho it has been almost 2 months since starting her is because of the jaw and neckline.  So I did all the easy stuff first (like the complete border and the body to the left bottom).  Oh oh... so now what Saundra?  Well, Saundra stopped and decided to start on the comfort of a primitive rug.

So this morning I threw caution to the wind and decided to hell with it I've got to move on and make some sort of progress with Shadow.  I pulled out some loops and drew in and hooked a jaw line across grain.  I was always under the assumption that the definition is made with the change in color of the direction of hooking the way the hair grows and not the way this was done.
Now that I look at it in this photo think I've made her jaw too thick in an area.  Yup, got to angle the dark wool up a little.  Here is my subject in my favorite pose of my special girl.
She isn't going back on my frame tonight because I need to chill and hook for fun.  My girl Shadow will just have to wait for her 'nip and tuck' for another day.

Dang, I lost a FOLLOWER today and can't imagine what I've done, and frankly don't know that I've ever 'UN followed' someone's blog which I joined.  Oh well, as the saying goes...."win some, lose some".  Sorry I didn't pique your interest.

Have a great evening everyone and PLEASE be kind to one another.



  1. I think this rug is just amazing and I sure hope you're happy with it when you're done - after all that work I think it'll be perfect!

  2. just thinking it may be the flash or lighting but isn't there a bit more of a darker semi circle half way between her nose and inner eye, curving down toward her mouth? also the base of her mouth above her neck on the upper side seems a tiny bit small. one other thing the photo shows her whiskers are you going to include those? not criticizing at all, it's hard to see details on my small lap top. I agree, she is amazing, and I love seeing your work.

  3. Shadow will eventually be another Saundra masterpiece!!!
    I have never un-followed someone, either, but over my blogging years I've probably lost at least a dozen so don't feel bad. I still love you :)
    Hugs :)

  4. This is a special rug. I love it just the way it is!


  5. Shadow is just gorgeous. I think it looks amazing. Maybe you are just stressing because of the emotional attachment to the subject. It is going to be a masterpiece.
    I worry when I lose a follower too. Seems silly but I still fret about it for a few days.

  6. Shadow looks great ! I think you are doing a beautiful job....our dog is 10 & has PRA , he struggles sometimes getting around & tries so hard not to bump into things...I don't know how you hooked this beautiful piece, I think I would be in tears the whole time....what a treasure this rug will become....

  7. Saundra - I wouldn't worry about losing a follower... If this person is anything like me, he or she might have a hundred or so blogs they read, and they can't keep up with it all, so they've had to pick from among their favorites... Likely it is someone who came across your blog, decided to try it out, and perhaps is not interested in rug hooking! Personally, I enjoy hearing about your projects, so keep it up!


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