Monday, October 21, 2013

Long Island Farmhouse on the Frame

I stand corrected on my previous post about what was on my frame.  Seems to me I erroneiously named it Vermont Farmhouse when in fact it is Long Island Farmhouse.  This is a design by Lucille Festa and measures 24 x 25.
Since I was having so much fun hooking on it hated taking it off the frame long enough to take this picture and update my blog.  Well, and the fact I've been busy the last couple days drawing patterns, mulching leaves and cutting the tops off the weeds in the yard preparing for winter before it gets too cold out, so it felt really good to sit and hook for a bit. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to work a little on my girl Shadow and attempt to get over the hurdle of her jaw and neckline.  It would be so easy to roll it up with the wool and tuck it away but I'm so close and she was such a good girl that she deserves the best attention from me now that she had then. 

Sure wish someone had known who hooked the Domestic Zoo rug that was in the show at Cape May week two.  I really liked it and would love to label the photo with the person's name.  It is copyright free since it was hooked in 1881 so it isn't a copyright issue, I'd just love to have the name and comment to the person that the 'creative license' was cool.  Just loved that arrow pointing at the snake at the top of the rug. 

Have a great evening everyone.



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