Monday, October 14, 2013


Yes, I'm crying Uncle.  Actually it is more of a sabbatical as I need to take time from my girl Shadow project.  That will give me a fresh vision (I hope) of what has to be done to do her justice.  Here's what my girl looks like now mid pulled loops from the left ear and background holes on the right.
Yes, sadly what didn't help was the fact that I was just a long wool strip away from filling in all that background.  Here is a close up of those small areas where background is missing and you can see the pins.  These were pieces of wool I found in my stash and not something I had to over dye with the remaining dye solution from the previous dye job. 

 Another reason for the time away is because I'm even thinking of using a strip of the 'found' wool to fill in the spots rather than dying some wool. 
And then the ear to the left.  It also bothered me and knew something wasn't right but couldn't put my finger on it.  Thanks to my hooker/teacher/friend, she gave me some advice.  So I proceeded to pull out some strips, looked for the right colors of wool but of course these are what I had close.
The short squiggly piece of wool I'd just pulled out from the area so not good.  The other strip had a too red /brown at the one end.  So basically that is when I decided to cry "UNCLE" and take a brief sabbatical.   

DEAR FRIEND...... it has nothing to do with your wonderful advice on the ear as I know you are right.  It just so happens that I was walking on the ledge for the last week or so and just now decided to take some down time from my girl.  I'm sure I'll have a renewed energy when I put Shadow back on my frame.

Meanwhile I'm going to start a primitive, wide cut design which has no particular color plan and if I hook outside the lines or don't get it just right it will be in the name of FUN HOOKING.  I think mama needs a break since it has been a month since my good girl Shadow portrait was started.

Have a great evening.



  1. Oh, I like "fun hooking" the best.
    I'm sure after a bit of down time from Shadow, you will be renewed and finish tout de suite!
    Hugs :)

  2. Saundra, I think your portrait of Shadow looks awesome!
    Sure is a hard rug to hook up close!!!
    xo Louise

  3. Saundra,you are a amazing hooker.Sometimes a labor of love is the hardest.Take a break and lighten your heart with a change of hooking theme. Hugs Cheri


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