Monday, October 7, 2013

Misc. Hooking Chit-chat

Have decided to start binding my Magdalena Lollipop rug today while I wait for grandson to get out of school.  It will give me something to while away the boring wait time in the parking lot.  Must get there early or you can't get a parking space.

Am still working on my Shadow Portrait, albeit slowly.  Partly because I find it intimidating since it should be a close likeness and hesitate pulling loops.  Plus the fact I've been busily drawing dozens of designs for someone and this shipment needs to go out tomorrow.

So while those are on my 'to do' list there is also a rug camp coming up in November.  It will be a class with Betsy Reed and will concentrate on hand torn strips, which I'd like to try.  Don't know what design I'll do yet but it won't be too big in case the size of the strips hurts my arthritic hands.  And think the design should be something that is easily adaptable to the width of such a strip.  So I'm thinking geometric, small, vintage but there is still time as it is still over a month away.

But sitting in the wings teasing me as I draw the patterns is this design of Lucille Festa's called Long Island Farm.  I have it draped on the back on the chair at the serger staring at me.
I want to start hooking it so badly you'd think that would be the incentive for me to finish Shadow and real soon.

Will show pictures of updates on Shadow soon and of course a picture of the Lollipop Bouquet once it is done.

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  1. Oh, you will love Betsy's class!!!
    Nice pattern of Lucille's. I haven't seen that one before. Hopefully after the holidays (ARGH! I can't believe I said that!!!), I will have time to work on Pearl and Earl.
    Hugs :)

  2. Yes, I love Lucille's pattern, too!! Getting ready to leave for Barb's on Sunday!!,


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