Friday, October 4, 2013

I Know,I Know, ......

...... you love me so much you wonder where the heck I've been...right?  Just kidding. 

But to fill you in, one day my conscience held me hostage until I finally started my fall cleaning in my living room where all the wool dust is, took the curtains down, washed and ironed them, washed the windows ~ well you know the story.

So the next day decided to dye some wool for Shadow's background. As I was stressing about hooking her to achieve a likeness I needed a break and concentrate on background as a release.  This is how my girl looks now.
So here's the story about background color ~ I told Diane Stoffel (my teacher) that I'd intended to hook the background with the same soft green used for my Rottie Memorial.  She suggested a periwinkle color for Shadow and pulled off a piece of wool from the teacher's shelf.  I took a picture of that wool sampling, gave it back and upon coming home tried to replicate that color from the picture.  BTW, that is yet another blog post coming soon.

And, this is a picture of the wool originally planned for the background.  Yes, it would have been okay and soft, would have been a nice duo with the other wonderful companions who passed.  But that periwinkle (which looks tame by itself) really makes Shadow POP.  And, in looking at her face many thoughts have come to mind that I'd like to share in a future post.  Things about my girl I miss.
In all honesty I'm still stressed over hooking her chest since the hair moves in different directions with the flesh foldovers and natural change of hair direction.  But I'm sure my girl will help guide me with color even tho my mentor and teacher Diane isn't here.

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. She was right wasn't she? I love her color choice, and I would like to hear Shadow's details when you are ready to share!

  2. your rug is coming out amazing.
    I do like the blue good choice that is out of the box for me.

  3. She is so coming to life before our eyes. Thanks for sharing as you go.

  4. She is so coming to life before our eyes. Thanks for sharing as you go.


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