Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Boy Ben and What's on the Frame Now

So there will be something related to rug hooking showing up in the blog's photo I'll post my newly started (but not by much) project.  I've been busy with  my boy Ben's vet visits so haven't hooked much.
Yes, it is a design by Lucille Festa that was previously mentioned as being on my list 'to do'.  Well, I'm about TO DO it.  It is called Long Island Farmhouse and as you can see the size is 24 x 25.

Now to my dear sweet Rottweiler Ben.  Last Wednesday was his annual wellness visit.  Ben was 3 years 7 mos. when I adopted him and we just had our 2 year anniversary.  The vet checked his teeth, ears, heart, and was feeling around the belly and he said that Ben's spleen was enlarged. 

That gave him (and me) concern because the blood filters thru that and while it can enlarge overnight if it is fighting a bug, it can also reduce in size overnight.  Ben's was 3 times it's size and was of great concern.  The vet brought in the portable sonogram machine and while he didn't see any tumors and Ben had not been showing any physical signs of illness, he was going to take precaution.

The vet prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic for him to take for a week and then a return visit.  We went back today and the spleen had reduced in size but still enlarged.  So the vet wanted to get better views on the sonogram and take a sample from the spleen.  He didn't do a biopsy, just drew fluid from the spleen which will be sent to the lab for testing.  Since that required that Ben be completely still with the insertion of a needle, he needed to be sedated.

So, good news is that there was no evidence of cancer that he sonogram picked up and his other organs look good.  The fluid will give a report of what may be brewing or what caused the swelling as one spot was excised and sent to the lab. 

My active boy has been very lethargic today and I've not left his side until doing the blog. I even hand fed him morsels of food since he couldn't eat this morning before the test.  Here's my sleepy head.
After feeding him by hand think he had good intentions of going out back in his yard but instead plopped down on the back porch in his favorite spot.  So here he is still at 5:30 p.m. and I brought him home just before noon.
Have a good evening everyone.  Right now Life is Good since it appears my boy Ben will be with me for a little longer.  Still have to wait for the pathology report for the final say but the vet gave me good vibes that Ben is okay.



  1. Hugs to your boy, so very worrisome when things like this come up. Hope all goes well with the outcome. Like what you have completed so far. One of the things I like soo much about folk art is that things don't have to be true to scale, I like the big bird on top the house!

  2. Saying a prayer for your baby. Kiss him for me.

  3. I hope all comes out fine for Ben ..

  4. Hugs to you and Ben! Hopefully (paws crossed) everything comes back fine.
    Great new rug. You'll have that hooked and move on to Maria's pumpkin in record time.
    Hugs :)

  5. Oh my goodness! Sending prayers for Ben. Hope that all turns out well. Having a 12 pound pup myself, I am wondering how you move a sedated Ben? :) what a sweetie he is.
    Blessings, Patti

  6. Sending good thoughts and prayers for Ben! It sounds like your vet is very thorough. Hoping all goes well!
    What a sweet pattern.... I know you will make it sing!!
    Take care Saundra and keep us posted on Ben!
    Cathy G

  7. I too am sending a prayer to Ben and you

  8. I hope Ben is on the mend !
    Glad the inflammation went down some.

  9. Poor doggie!! Hope he'll be good as new soon!,


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