Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taking Creative License

Well, that is if you really want to call a border change creative license.  Since there wasn't much of a border but a couple rows of hooking in the original design, figured I wanted to make it interesting by adding a flow that is represented in the hill at the bottom of the red house.  The thought of squared off top corners just didn't do it for me.  So this is what I've drawn and hooked so far.
In case you're wondering, I haven't hooked on my girl Shadow for a few days and am enjoying the freedom and frivolous fun of this primitive rug.  But she is displayed on the back of the love seat in the living room so that I can feel guilty every day.  Every day she looks at me with those 'puppy dog' eyes and head twisted in wonderment and know she needs to be completely hooked.  SIGH.  Oh what guilt we put on ourselves.   

Hmm, come to think of it.... isn't that what we were taught as children?  We were taught to finish our projects, take pride in what we do, respect for others, so perhaps guilt is really my conscience.  Now that will give you something to think about tonight while I enjoy hooking my primitive rug.

Have a great evening everyone and enjoy what may soon be the last of the warm fall weather.  Life is Good!  BTW, I love those Life is Good tee shirts.



  1. Self inflicted guilt. I am a master. Must be the Catholic in me...lol!
    Hugs :)

  2. guilt.... me too.
    but when it is no fun, it seems like I will never get any projects done.
    they drag out forever, and breed ufo's at my house.
    I am lovin' the house rug.


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