Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sharing Visits to Woolley Fox

Last year (May 2013) when our group went to Woolley Fox camp for Barb she showed us an antique rug that was to be her next pattern.  Barb owns the rug and this is the original she shared with us. 
Barb requested we not take pictures of it because she wanted no photos leaking out since it was going to be featured in Early American Life magazine.  Naturally we all complied with her request so didn't get a photo of it until this year. 

To continue, Barb called us all over to her work area where she delicately placed the antique rug face up so we could see the materials used by the woman who made this rug oh so many years ago.   As I was anxious to look at the back to see the true colors Barb smacked my hand to keep me from lifting it.  After all, it was Barb's story to tell and I was rushing her, she didn't miss a beat in her commentary on the rug either.  Believe it or not, that was an endearing and memorable moment for me and even now I'm grinning at that memory.  I even reminded Barb of the event and the fun I had when we visited her this trip. 

It just so happened the back was covered with an old ticking but Barb had already done her homework on the rug so knew the true colors, the foundation fabric and we could see the original colors ourselves by looking at the lower portion of the hooked loops.  It was fun to share that experience with Barb and to be trusted with the knowledge and sight of the rug before it went to print. 

In addition to getting a photo of the original this year, we also took a picture of the rug she hooked of that design.  Sorry there is a wash of light coming in thru the window which is changing the color of the wool in the picture, and the horse isn't green.   I even went to WF web site to pull a better photo of the rug from there but couldn't find a picture of there; perhaps I didn't look long and hard enough. 

Oh did you notice it has Barb's initials in it but reverse sequence?  CB is obviously the person who hooked it before so Barb calls the pattern "Cora and Bently". 
This is the issue of Early American Life the article is in if you want to read the article and/or hook the smaller version of the antique design.
Click to see the Table of Contents
And there is a line drawing of one of the two horses as a free pattern inside the EAL magazine but as mentioned it is a smaller cropped version.  So if you are interested in hooking the pattern like the original click on the Woolley Fox link HERE.

Hope you all had a great first day of June.  Please be kind to one another as kindness and a smile is contagious.



  1. I love the story Saundra as much as the rug , hugs cheri

  2. Thanks for sharing. I probably have that magazine somewhere. I get so many and oftentimes don't even open them. I am trying to do better, but just not enough hours in the day...sigh.
    A gorgeous day here in Ohio.
    Hugs :)

  3. Thanks Saundra, great pattern!!
    Your Magdalena rug is looking great too!!


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