Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Who's Ready for an Antique Rug Show?

Oh but guess that will get a lot of hits on my blog; just the mention of 'rug show' is good enough but add the word 'antique' brings even more views.

Every once in a while I treat myself to web surfing looking for vintage rugs for my next wanna be.  That's how I found my present cat project which is a delightful rug to hook.  You can see my progress and the original antique if you scroll thru previous posts.

Even tho my son is grown and grandson too old to like it, the Three Bears has always been one on my list of rugs to hook.  So I've saved some antique pictures here and there when I could.  Here are a few.
And another; and I thought I'd saved more photos but these three were the only ones I could locate on my flash drive.  That's okay, I'll keep collecting them when I see them.

Oh but I liked this a lot.  First off I have always loved horses and owned one as a teen.  But more than that is to try and be in the mind of the hooker who also loved their horse.  She/he used a bold color for the horse, then outlined it in a light value to make it stand out.  So to make the horse stand out even more used a darker row around .
Some of you may like florals and I personally like the triangle borders.  Plus any antique rug which has changes of color because they "made do" is very charming.  Very interesting rug with lots of possibilities.
And it isn't the Three Bears, it is the Three Pigs.
Another floral I like and with circles in the border.
Although I recently swore off of hit and miss, this one is tempting.  Look at the cottage with the larger than life flowers.  A lot is going on in this rug and I like it.
It is getting close to the count down before rug camp so took a little time to relax and look for antique rugs.  There's lots more for me to do between now and when I leave on Saturday morning for Woolley Fox.  Next post I'll show you which design I'm working on with Barb so stay tuned. 

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. So many wonderful antique rugs!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wow, beautiful rugs. My favorite is the blue horse.

  3. beautiful rugs my friend ~ hope you have a fabulous time at Barb's!!!

  4. Anxious to see what rug you will be doing at Barb's! Our group goes in June. Hooker's retreat, can't wait! Enjoy your time in Ligonier!

  5. My heart stopped when I saw your horse because I am drawing up that pattern myself right now. After I took a closer look I noticed that the border is different on the two rugs, but the horses are the same. How interesting to see another version.
    I will also be going to Barb's in June. It's so hard to decide what pattern to,do.

  6. After I investigated I recognized that the outskirt is diverse on the two mats, yet the stallions are the same. How intriguing to see an alternate rendition and get here knowledge about antique rug company sharafiandco.com and thanks for share.


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