Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Secret Revealed

Ever wonder why we hookers do what we do and how we think?  Well the secret has been revealed.  Take a look inside a hooker's brain.
Now my behavior is clear to me so there's no more guilt about the wool I buy, how many frames, hooks and cutters I've purchased, it is in my DNA.  My rationalization for those 'duplicates' is..... each frame has a different function (sit upon, small for small pieces, Snapdragon for taught foundation, big frame for larger rugs).
I started hooking with a small shank beginner hook and it worked fine.  Then met the Hartman.  I purchased one and it was temporarily lost and was in a frenzy.  So hey, maybe I should get a 'back-up'.  It all makes good sense to me!
My first cutter was a Bliss, then purchased a Fraser 500...... then the Townsend was born so have that also.  After inheriting another Bliss that makes 4 cutters.  Perhaps one day I might sell one of the Bliss but since I only have cartridge sizes #6 - #10 for the Townsend what if I need a smaller cut?  One of those other cutters will hold the smaller size blade for convenience and not have to change sizes.
If only wish there was a way to tweak that part of the brain with the unfinished projects.
Have a great Saturday and hope you are warm.


  1. I had no ides that a hooker's brain was different than a non hooker. Now it explains a lot of things.
    Thanks so much for this. Have a wonderful guilt-free hooking weekend.

  2. Thanks! I love this.
    But four cutters??? Are we a little OCD? Wool and hooks I understand. But cutters? Frames are a bit questionable, too, though I have a couple I do not use.
    Hugs :)

  3. Lol. I admit, those thoughts run through my brain. I only have 1 cutter though ;)

  4. Glad you enjoyed my recent Facebook page post of {"A Hooker's Brain"}! I thought many hookers would get a kick out of this & certainly we can all relate.

    ~Diane of Wool-N-Wares


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