Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Oh how I stuffed myself yesterday, and did partake of a couple items which are only on my plate once a year.  Frankly, there were a few years when they did not appear on my plate at all until my cholesterol and triglycerides were under control.  So now only once a year I put a small dollop of dressing and mashed potatoes on my plate. 

Since my son and Cathy don't like dark meat I got to bring home the carcass and dark meat.  Today's lunch will be part of a turkey thigh and fresh cooked kale.  This afternoon the process for making turkey rice soup will begin, along with freezing turkey meat for recipes to come.

As there is only Olde Ducks in the process here it is all there is to show you the progress on.  Didn't get many loops pulled since the last time but here it is.
Here is what Magdalena's original looked like.  It is not known if Magdalena hooked two rugs or if one picture was taken of the original and then again later after repairs.  I'm looking at both pictures as I hook mine with my selection of wool and worms.  Trying desperately to reduce the number of already cut wool strips that I can.
As much as I'd love to be working on a second rug at the same time, there are so many bags of wool worms around me which gets unruly at times, just can't bring myself to make the clutter worse.  Maybe a dye pot should be brought out in a day or two just to give me something else to do.

Have a great day everyone.



  1. Your hooking is amazing and I so enjoy your talent it continues to grow hugs cheri

  2. I think I ate have the gravy, lol. I don't eat much because of my diet, so I splurge on the fats;) I like the worn look on her rug better, can see the design better but it could be bad lighting.


  3. It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving and went home with all the best. I love the dark meat best and I also make soup with the carcass.

    I was without power and internet because of the storm and just got my power back at noon today.


  4. So happy you indulged on Thanksgiving. I know I did.
    Hugs :)

  5. Saundra, your colors are looking great!!!


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