Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ali Katz Patterns

As my loyal readers know, I recently hooked a rug aptly named "Ali Katz".  I gave it that name since it was the rug to be hooked at Cape May with Ali Strebel.  A few people have inquired as to the availability of the pattern. 
So I have decided to offer it in two sizes.  The one you see here measures 24 x 34.  But for those of you who want a square rug I will offer one measuring 24 x 24 which would NOT include the zig zag  on the two ends.

If interested check out my web site HERE and click on the Patterns link to the left.  You will need to scroll down a little to find the pattern and prices.

Presently I'm hooking a cute snowman and hope to give results tomorrow.  Doctor appointments and other errands has demanded much of my time lately so plan to sit down now and hook a little with a small bowl of yogurt and fruit.



  1. It came out really nicely, I can see why others want to make one too.


  2. Fun rug.
    Too bad it will be hiding in the bath.
    Hugs :)


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