Monday, November 24, 2014

Home Ownership and Ben

Last night the slow leak under my kitchen sink decided to roar it's ugly head.  When first aware I put a container under the sink to catch the drip in order to delay repair but realized it wouldn't heal itself.  Thankfully today was able to get a plumber just 3 days before Thanksgiving.

Since I have a Rottweiler, it is always an issue inviting workers in since Rotties get a bad rap ~ so I always ask if they have a problem with a BIG dog.  Thankfully my plumber was okay with Ben. 

Ben was 3 years 7 months when adopted and happy he is a well behaved dog.  Sadly Rotties get a bad rap ~ yes they can be badly behaved when not well socialized or irresponsible owner breeding and training. 

Anyway, the plumber was here about 2 hours and I needed a new kitchen sink faucet unit.  Was hoping to have the bill today but one is being sent to me so have no idea what this is going to cost.  EEK!  Plumbers, electricians, doctors and lawyers make darn good money for their hours or quarter hours of work.  Unfortunately we rug hookers can't claim the same for our time and materials.

Sorry to bore you but here is a picture of the first meeting of my big boy Ben on his previous property.  The owner had him tethered to a tree to be sure he was there when I arrived to meet him.  When I got out of the car I looked at him and said, ...."Ben, I know you, but you don't know me".  The owner unleashed him, Ben sniffed and I told him to sit.  This was the very first picture of him that I took. He looks so sad and humbled.
When I look at this picture even now I'm not sure what he is feeling.  Ben did have manners because he followed my command.  He lived either in the basement or was let run free.  Unfortunately he would chase cars. and the faster the vehicles would drive the more he wanted to chase.   That could have been a deadly game for him.

Now when I gently grasp his face and talk to him I will say, "Hi, Ben..... I know you but you don't know me".  Ben's ears will perk up like he remembers our first meeting.  
OMG, I sure do love my boy Ben.  Isn't he handsome??  BTW, when the plumber wanted to talk to me and explain the plumbing issues, Ben put himself between the plumber and me.  Ben was doing his job protecting his mom and his home.

If you are wanting a dog or giving a dog to someone for Christmas,  please research about the characteristics, needs, size and activity levels of animals before you choose.  Having a pet is like having a child.  They require doctor visits, annual shots and meds to keep them healthy.  Pets ARE a responsibility and we are their caretakers.

And, please consider adoption.  Look what I have and he was 3 years 7 months.  With Ben I visited him 3 visits to be sure it would work.  All I can say is I love my boy Ben.

Have a great evening.



  1. Want a wonderful story...and I am sure if you go around the table on Thanksgiving day,Ben would say he is most thankful for you coming into his life. What a sweet blessing. :) Hope your bill is something to be thankful for too...

  2. I loved hearing this story, Saundra.
    Very touching and so true. Animals are wonderful.

  3. you and Ben are so lucky to have each other...he is one big sweetie...please give him a big hug and smooch from me...

  4. He is a beautiful boy and lucky to have you for his mom. Dogs are only as good as their owners and males do tend to be more protective with us ladies;)


  5. Like a child they give back far more than they get, Ben is a beauty.

  6. I love this post. What a change in your boy in the two pictures. He is mighty handsome, for sure.
    Yes, please adopt, don't shop.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs :)

  7. Wonderful rescue story. I have a friend who also rescued an adorable Rottie...a complete big baby! The previous owners said they did not know he would get big (?)....
    I can see the big difference on Ben's health in your second photo! You are both lucky to have each other...WHY would he be allowed to run free?.....

  8. I love your story too. Ben sure looks like a well kept dog. He's beautiful. My friends had a big Rottweiler like Ben and I visited their home many times and he was so mild and well behaved. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer and when the time came he was put to test.
    I agree with you about caring for a pet is a big long time commitment, unfortunately too many people don't realize that and the pets suffer needlessly.

  9. That is such a great story. I sure Ben does remember that first meeting because it changed his life.
    I hear you on the home expenses. I am so tired of spending money on things that are not fun (like wool) :)

  10. Ben looks so loved now that he's with you.
    You are both very lucky to have found each other.
    It was meant to be.

  11. He is a lucky guy. How we love our canine friends....a true blessing. All four of my pups are adopted.....from puppyhood to a five year old. It really can work.

  12. You're right that tradespeople may have issues with larger pets, especially if the pet tend to be aggressive with strangers. It's great your plumber had no issue with Ben and was able to fix the leak with no incident. You wouldn't want to be agonizing over that during the holidays, so getting that fixed before things get crazy is important. Thanks for sharing!
    It's great to see you taking on the challenge of restoring this beauty! And while a paint job does take care of how the facade looks, it's the electricity, plumbing, heating and other utilities that would make this house livable again. I presume the fixtures are old, which means upgrading them is a priority. I see that the neighborhood is encouraging you to keep up with this, so good luck!

    Laverne Knight @ Midland Mechanical

  13. Awww! The leaking problem is so frustrating! It seems that you really need to replace the sink with the new one. I'm just glad to know that the plumber arrived fast to fix the problems. Well, hiring plumbers, or anyone to fix the problems we encounter at home, can be costly, so we should really know how to take care of things. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Saundra! Congratulations and all the best!

    Rick Greer @ Finlay Brewer


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