Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rug Camp in Ocean City, MD

This was the view from our room.  All the rooms at the Dunes Hotel are ocean view rooms.   It is very calming to hear the waves and will put one to sleep.  The deck is the first place Deb heads toward after she drops her bags.
Just look at the sunset last Sunday about 5:15 p.m.  Should have taken a picture a tad earlier and it would have been awesome.
When going to this camp it is like old home week of a sorority as some of the same gals attend each year.  And then you get to meet new gals which is always a good thing because the sorority grows.  This was Heather's first rug.  She purchased and started the kit a few months ago and managed to get it all hooked at this camp.  Great job Heather!
I just met Heather this year and think she will be back again, that is her to the left.  In the middle is sweet Grace and on the right is another sweetie, Renia.  
Grace fell in love with my Chicken Challenge piece so I sent her the paper pattern via snail mail since she doesn't have a computer. 
The Chicken Challenge was offered on the Woolwrights blog.  
There is Betsy in the cream colored sweater hand stitching a snowman waiting to be stuffed. 
My roomie Deb is speeding away on one of the two patterns she took to hook.  See the delicious plaid wool in the foreground ~ it is called Jemstone and after seeing it in person I had to have some too.  Yes, that is a Betsy wool.
Isn't this Mountain Retreat design cute? 
Sue was hooking this sheep design.
And in September at Cape May someone else was hooking the same rug.  It is such fun to see how others hook the same design in their color preferences.
The sheep below is being hooked by Renia.  The lights she chose for the sheep really work well as they don't compete, only a subtle difference and I like the look.  I purchased a Crow pattern with a patchwork background and like the colors Renia has started with and hope my patchwork background will be as nice.
This is Peg's colorful geometric and she's made great headway.
Again, my roomie Deb's Trick or Treat Smell my Feet rugs.  They are offered by Spruce Ridge and are adapted from Lori Brechlin designs.  These pictures were taken Wednesday evening so the picture on yesterday's blog shows more progress.  I wanted to post these pictures so you can see the different technique Deb is using.  These were some of the techniques we learned in Ali Strebel's class in Cape May.

My table-mate Patty is hooking 'Bottoms Up'.  An example of hooker camaraderie is when Susan gave Patty a piece of wool.  Patty asked how much she wanted for it and Susan said, "just pay it forward".  So the next day Patty came in, reminded us of what had transpired the day before and handed each of us a scratch off lottery ticket.  How cool was that!  Sorry to say I'm still not a millionaire.   
Diana, to the left, hooked the bear that Susan is holding up.  Betsy is explaining something but can't remember what it was. 
Pam finished a snowman (the one Betsy was sewing a back on for stuffing) so she started this pumpkin rug. 
Ahh, there is our newbie hooker Heather with her finished sheep.  Great job Heather and guess we will see you again next year......I hope.  Just love Sue's electric blue top. 
 A revisit to Renia's sheep.
 This is the Magdalena Olde Ducks pattern I am working on. 
Tomorrow I'll post a few of the rugs which were on display for the impromptu rug show.  This mini camp doesn't do a big rug show so there's not the participation you see at other rug camps. 
Have a great Saturday afternoon and evening.



  1. What a great place for a retreat and love seeing all of the projects, the girls are working on.


  2. Oh my gosh; you were in Ocean City. A family favorite beach; used to go as a kid, my mom went as a kid and my cousins and aunt & uncle still go several times a year.

    Great rug progress. Looks like a lovely time was had by all. :)

  3. Great job on the duck rug. I love the ripples in the background. I'm sure you'll have that done in no time cause not even surgery on your thigh can slow you down. lol.

    Thanks for the report on the rug camp. Some great projects in the making... I love being near the ocean. Love that ocean smell. A great place to have a rug camp.


  4. Looks like a great time. Some beautiful hooking there. Those gals sure like the bigger rugs! I tend to do the smaller ones so I don't lose interest. (Short attention span Lol)

  5. How fun!!!! Thank you so much for the pics what a great life you lead . Love the ocean pictures hugs cheri

  6. Saundra,
    Looks like so much fun and some great rugs being hooked ~ especially yours.
    Hugs :)


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