Saturday, November 8, 2014

Leaving for Camp with Betsy Tomorrow

Good news is that I am able to sleep at night without pain.  Bad news is that I can't walk too fast and is with a giving in limp.  I've not walked my big boy Ben since having surgery since he has this thing about fast moving vehicles.  Don't need to be yanked, get my bearings and rip a stitch.

Good  news is that my house/Ben sitter is here now and walking Ben so am a happy mom since my boy is happy.
Tomorrow I will leave for camp.  It will give me time to heal with someone else taking care of walking Ben.

I'll take picture of the class.  This is a small camp so there won't be a huge rug show to post.  But Betsy has asked me to bring the rugs I hooked of the Rottweiler Memorial and my Shadow Memorial.  Frankly I'm in awe that a teacher would be interested to see what I've hooked. 

Okay kiddies, I'll check back when I return home.  I'll have my iPad with me but not sure how good I'll be about responding to messages.    BUT I LUV y'all.



  1. Glad you are feeling better and able to go to camp tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful time and can't wait to see photos when you get back.


  2. Saundra, I am glad you are feeling better! Have a great time at camp! I love the rug you posted of the ship, is it an antique or one that you hooked?

  3. take care,
    so glad you're getting to go.
    happy hugs to Ben!
    I'm not surprised she would want to see your work, it's fabulous!

  4. Saundra, I'm so glad you're going to rug camp. Nothing like having a nice group of like minded rug hookers to speed up healing with laughter.

    I'm not surprised that the teacher would like you to bring your rugs. You do such nice work.

    Have fun and hope you can sleep tight and well. Ben is in good hands.

  5. Have fun and yes pictures please, Betsy is such a sweetheart, you are going to have so much fun. Enjoy.

  6. I am so sorry to hear you were in pain . I must say you still got lots of hooking done! Your dog is such a handsome dog!!!!!
    Have a great time hugs cheri


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