Saturday, November 1, 2014

November First

Oh my, it is the first of November already, time to turn the clocks back so it gets darker earlier.  I already feel like there aren't enough hours in the day and now it will seem like there are even less.

As it will be darker earlier my driveway needs to have new solar lights so Ben and I can find our way down the curved driveway for our (his) walk after dark.  The present ones have long died.  Now if ONLY someone in town still hasn't boxed theirs up and stored them away until next spring garden time. just 8 days I'll be leaving for rug camp with Betsy Reed and looking forward to it.  Had a class with her last November and want to show her my Chicken Challenge Rug I hooked using her primitive edge binding technique.  I think this just makes the look of the rug.
Speaking of Betsy.....did you know that she and her artist husband Eric have acquired the designs of George Kahle?  Yes, tis sad but true;  George was a very talented man and a great story teller.  Anyone who has been to a rug camp where Dick and George attended can vouch for that.  George will be sadly missed.

In these few short 8 days I've got lots of things going on, doctor appointments scheduled, fasting blood test (yuck to both of those), hair cut (yippee for that), and preparing the house to accept the friend who tends my boy Ben and does repairs when I'm gone ~ and thank goodness for that help as well. 

And of course I need to pack suitcases and wool.  Since I'm hooking Magdalena's Olde Ducks there will be both wool yardage in a few colors AND..... are you ready for this.... woolie worms.  Yup, how better to make a rug look old than using a little this and a little that?
As always happens I'll probably end up tossing in a little more uncut wool in the container before I leave.  However, I will have a wool goddess as my teacher so am sure she will be able to help if in need.

Have a good evening even if it is rainy and windy where you are too.  And, good luck getting used to the new time change over the next two weeks until we all adjust.



  1. I do love the finish on your rug, really makes it more prim. Rug camp sounds fun and nice that you can continue with the same teacher.


  2. Again, this is a new edge finish that I never saw before. You're full of surprises.

    It sound like you're ready to have fun at the Rug Camp. I'm sure you'll learn some new tricks of the trade. Don't forget to pack your camera...

  3. Saundra I just love your chicken rug!
    Hope you have a terrific time at camp!
    I don't like loosing my hour a day, but I can use some extra snuggle down and rest in the house time. PS. I need a hair cut too! :)

  4. Hoping to learn some finishing techniques myself at the hooking retreat I am headed for on Friday. After seeing you stash pack; I think I need to reevaluate my packing...hehehe. The more wool the better. Have a great time!


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