Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rug Camp in OC other teachers

The other teachers at the Ocean City Workshop were Jon Ciemiewicz and Betty McClintic.  Jon was in one of the suites on another floor and Betty was sharing the same room with Betsy.  I thought for sure that there was a picture taken of Betty but guess not....sorry.  She is quite a lovely lady who is good at fine cuts.  Also didn't get a picture of Jon since his class was on another floor.

However here are a couple pictures of Betty's class.  This is sweet Grace who was in Betty McClentic's class and visited our group to chat with friends.  Look at what she is using as a wool strip organizer and place to put her snippets.  Smart southern gal who makes do.
 The great gal to the right is Kimberly who has 'Brooke Shield eyebrows'.  She and Susan (in Betsy's class) are bosom buddies.  The two of them together are entertaining and hell on wheels.  Loved listening to their friendship families' exploits.
There was an impromptu rug show of class rugs in progress (for those who chose to participate) as well as finished rugs for those who chose to bring them.

This beautiful piece of art is by none other than Jon Ciemiewicz.  Can't you just feel the hot breath of the animal and the rough edges of the cave? 

 Jon's depiction of Native Americans always gives me chills for their beauty.  Standing in front of his works is looking at a true artist.
Here are a few of the students' works.  Frankly I'm not sure which was in Jon's class or in Betty's class since both were narrow cut.  But, I'd say the animals would be Jon's class.


Hope you enjoyed your weekend and hope we can all stave off the winter weather coming soon.


  1. Wow, all of those animals rugs are just mind boggling. So much details to hook in different shades. It must take dedication and patience to be able to finish one of those.

    The other rugs are lovely as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a wonderful array of rugs. I do love those dog rugs in progress!
    Hugs :)

  3. What great rugs they were amazing. I can tell these women are truly artists . Hugs cheri

  4. Terrific rugs!! Always inspiring to see others work.

  5. Some are more like paintings than rugs, simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jon is in our rug guild I am always in awe of his animals.
    you are so very lucky to get away to these camps it is always inspiring.

  7. Lots of great rugs and Jon's classes always produce some beautiful animal pieces. I really need to finish some of mine, just need to fix a few things and bind them.



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