Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Almost Done

Just a smidgen more to hook in the upper right hand corner and this one will be done.  Here is a picture without a flash and may be a little blurry.
But it looks better than the first picture I took with a flash, as everything looks all washed out. 
This is Magdalena's Folk Art Horse purchased from Woolley Fox and is the small size.

This afternoon I'll be in a quandary because there is no way I can go 5 days without having something to hook.  I leave for rug camp on the 9th and while I do still have a little left to whip on the Ali Katz rug and will now have this little one to bind, there's no way that will satisfy my urge for hooking.  Wellllll, guess I could finish up that needle felting around some of the Katz. 

Hope your Tuesday is terrrr-ific.



  1. Great job on the horse rug. You need a larger rug to hook in moments like this so you never run our of hooking to do.


  2. That really came out beautifully, love the mix of colors and the antique look.


  3. I knew you'd get both rugs done before camp. You go girl. I love how you achieve such an antique look.
    Hugs :)

  4. It's hard to capture the true colors!!
    Looking great!!

  5. I think you nailed the look you were going for.

    Hmmm how would it be to have no wip's... don't think I will ever know.


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