Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Antique Rug Show

Who doesn't love to look at an antique rug show?  It's quite possible you will see some which have been posted before, but hey, it's always nice to see them again, right?
I think this one has been shown before, now I recall because of the braided border.
Below is a needlework of some kind, per comment made on the location it was found, which I can't remember now.
Oh, but I want to hook this rug below one day too.
Horse and rider which was probably hooked to honor the jockey and horse on their win.
This rug below has a multicolored scroll design.  When working on my E.S. Frost Sheep rug and having Barb help color plan the scrolls, she mentioned about how years ago the scrolls used multi-colors....and right she was.
 And below is that rug she help color plan ~ I LOVE those scrolls and would have been terrified to tackle that challenge without her guidance.  Can't wait to be in her company in less than two weeks.
Have a great evening.



  1. I don't recalled seeing multi colored scrolls before but maybe I was distracted. I love that sheep one on the bottom but I would prefer the scroll in shades of one color but I'm funny that way.

    Thanks for the antique rug show again.

  2. I love the last one. Beautiful scrolls

  3. Thanks for the show. I love the sheep one,it is so interesting with those scrolls. Blessings,Jen

  4. Woohoo, no verification! Good job Saundra

  5. I always enjoy your rug shows!
    Hugs :)


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