Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What...You want to See My Camp Rug???

Here it is and boy do I have lots of things to talk about.  First, it is a fun rug to hook and size is great too measuring approx. 20 x 35.  The majority of wool used in the rug was taken by me but generous Barb gave me a few small strips to cut and use here and there. 

In all honesty, as I told Barb, I'd never have chosen those colors to hook the dog but I like the way he looks...sorta like a brindle colored dog.  Frankly, I'm over the moon happy with what she chose.
Now, if you think my hooked Chum with fork type toes looks weird....then take a look at the original antique hooked rug below.
Before camp, when drawing the design out on linen did ponder how I'd hook the feet.  Should I stay true to the folk art look of the original antique with fork feet or draw and hook normal paws?  I thought perhaps when the pattern is ready for sale that people might prefer regular paws, so below is what I drew.
But when Barb saw the original antique picture,  she easily made a case for me to stay true to the original antique.  Hey, it's folk art.  So when the pattern becomes available for sale I will offer both options; fork feet or paws.

Oh, and something else....notice on the original antique that star, or starfish or whatever?  I drew a regular star at the base of the feet.  And again dear Barb pleaded her case about making it more closely to the original antique.  

Which prompted me to ask Barb what the heck she thought that motif was.  Her reply was "it's a Whats'its).  (gotta LOVE that cool beans woman!).  So friends, it isn't a star, it isn't a starfish.....it's a whats'its.

All of you may know Barb has sold the rights of her pattern business to Katie of A Nimble Thimble but Barb will still continue to teach.  Katie is in the process of revamping the Woolley Fox web site but you can still order Woolley Fox patterns.  Once you decide which patterns, write Katie at woolleyfox@animblethimble.com.

If you would like the experience of taking a class with Barb you can write Barb HERE.  Maybe you will get lucky and fill in an empty spot or if there are 5 or 6 of you to make a group, perhaps you will have your own 4 days of 'bliss with Barb'. 

Have a great week.  OH.... my mail server is again putting all the blog comments in my spam folder.  Since I don't keep my PC on all the time don't see the comments right away. 


  1. Chum is just too cool with his fork feet! You sure got a lot done.
    I haven't picked up a hook in weeks. Still trying to get my act together for the hook in I'm vending at on Saturday. Hopefully very soon!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. Love the folky look of Chum...his colors are the best!

  3. He looks great. I love, love, love the colors. (And the feet)

  4. Love the colors in your version, works beautifully with the pattern. I wonder if she was making a star and ran out of that color.


  5. I am loving everything about chum. Glad you stayed true to the original !

  6. Loving your new design. With the coloration, the dog could almost be an Australian cattle dog, but with a slightly wider tail. Doubt there were many of those around back then. Glad in some ways you listened to Barb, but also glad you kept to your guns on a few things.
    Love Barb's color plan, that is the biggest area I have problems getting right.

  7. WOW!!! Love this design -Love yours!!!!!


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