Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rug Camp Update on CHUM

Hate it when life gets in the way of having fun.  One half day was spent shopping for a new riding mower ~ hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow.  BUT, it is supposed to rain for the next few days so grass won't get cut for a few days after.

THEN..... came home from errands yesterday and my garage door wouldn't open.  Thankfully a neighbor's boyfriend was able to determine it was a gear which ground down to nothing from wear.  Luckily my ex had purchased an extra gear so my friend's boyfriend was able to successfully replace the gear after 3 hours of work.  Now that's a VERY GOOD neighbor.

Anyway, here is the CHUM pattern I took to Woolley Fox rug camp.
Love the colors Barb selected...dang... I should have taken a picture of the textured wool used for the body of the dog.  Barb chose a similar color for a soft and plain face but wanted the body different.  You will not believe what can be done with a texture.  Next time I post an update I'll show you the wool used for the body of the dog.

There is already a spot on the wall for Chum (an antique adaptation), and will be in this computer room.

Have a great Sunday everyone.  Do you believe tomorrow is June 1st???  Me either! 



  1. Chum is a winner. I think we are having a few days of rain too. I just mowed yesterday and already have 100 new dandelions :(
    Glad your neighbor is handy and helpful.

  2. Chum is so much fun. You are hooking that one tout de suite! I'd love to see the wool.
    Lucky to have such a good neighbor.
    We have had a couple days of much needed rain and today it feels like March. Hopefully I can get the lawn mowed tomorrow or I will need to buy a goat.
    Hugs :)

  3. Your Chum rug is looking so good Saundra! Looks really old. You sure are so good at getting the antique look. Would love to see the wool you used. Lori

  4. I'm eager to see the textured wool you used. I am always amazed at what some of the textures look like when hooked ! They can be very different !
    Glad your garage door is fixed.


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