Friday, May 15, 2015

Rug Update and Packing for Camp

Let's get real!  First things first.....gotta take my unbreakable wine glass as it goes to every rug camp with me. 
That insulated glove was purchased by a friend of our "THREE Musketeers".  She wisely chose the sayings for each of us and wouldn't you know mine was spot on.  We three use to share fun at Cape May and Woolley Fox together. Sadly one of us three has become a snowbird and she is sorely missed.  Normally she would be sharing WF camp with us day hope she will join us again at one of them.

Below is the beginning load to the van for travel to my friend's house tomorrow morning.  Usually I have at least two plastic containers of wool so am travelling light.  It would have been easy to fill another container with wool since deciding to also take Barb's NED and have her color plan that if there is time.  If I don't have the right color wool I'll buy some as Barb has wool from buyers or mills I've never seen sold from my sources.
The weather is so IFFY that it requires short sleeve, long sleeve, something descent looking other than my normal sweats.  Was going to try and reduce my load by one bag but it wouldn't all fit in just the one.  Besides, one heavy bag is more difficult for this woman can carry up stairs so two it is.
 And  an update on my son's Man Cave Rug.  Yesterday when I posted options for that beauty line my eyes went straight for the gold as the black and gold really pops.  BUT.... the two beer mugs will be really close to that gold beauty line and am afraid the viewer will only see gold and not the various colors of the pool balls in the middle.

So I've decided to hook the beauty line in a similar value of red which I'm hoping will let the viewer see everything in the center. 
That is what I'll be working on from now until Barb gets to me on the color planning of my rug.   My progress is showing that it will actually be finished by Christmas.  I've more than 6 months to finish it.  Yippee. camera battery is charged fully.  I'll also have my iPad handy for emails and photos.  Just wish I was able to update my blog thru my iPad like Alice does.  Not sure if it is the GB on my iPad or my computer illiteracy.  So you guys will probably have to wait until I get home to see pictures from Woolley Fox rug camp.

Have a great evening everyone and 'see ya on the flip flop'.



  1. Have a great time. I love that wine glass. I used to travel with an Unbreakable martini glass. Looking forward to seeing all your pics

  2. Have fun! Can't wait to see what you do. Have you tried using the blogger app? I do almost all of my posts from either my iPad or iPhone.

  3. Oh, that's a big wine glass... love the insulated sleeve. It looks that it will be a happy time for sure.

    The balls are all nice and bright and will stand on their own. Finish the rug before changing the beauty line. You might not have to change after all.

    Just have lots of fun.

  4. Looks like you are set to go. Have fun, take lot's of pictures to share .

  5. Hope you have a Great time & Love your wine glass ! Your son's rug looks Great too !!!!

  6. Just returned from a workshop at The Woolley Fox. Weather wise, it went from 91 on Sunday to 40 on Wednesday morning. So hope you have layers of clothing! Enjoy, and have a wonderful time, we sure did!! Wondering what rug you're doing??

  7. Have a wonderful time and please share lots with us since I will never get to experience the WF.
    Hugs :)

  8. I know you're having a great time! Several years ago, Tammy, of the old Skip To My Ewe blog, told me to install Blogpress on my iPhone and iPad ~ that app enables me to post to my blog! Try it!! Safe travel home!

  9. Packed and ready to have fun! Camps/girl time is just the best!


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