Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Officially Finished

Yup, I'm calling it officially finished....mission accomplished to have it all hooked and be bound on the way to Barb's (I'm a passenger).  For those of you just catching this blog, I used #8 and #8.5 wool strips and LOTS of left over strips in whatever size.  As I wanted a smaller rug drew this out myself and it measures 18 x 27.
I'm liking this rug much better after pulling out the light blue and the teal.  Since taking classes with Barb it is now imperative for me to have a little purple in my rugs...because that is "what BARB would do".  What's so ironic is that the very first class I had with Barb and she was helping me color plan she asked what I thought about purple.  My answer was honest....I don't particularly care for that color.  I think it was due to my ugly crochet afghan in various purples to go with the lavender walls I painted in a bedroom when I was early 20's.    That afghan has long since vanished but Barb renewed my like for the color.

This is what it looked liked yesterday afternoon.
Believe it or not I've even cleaned up my woollie worms and separated them into the appropriate color bags and vacuumed up the wool room carpet.

Still lots more to do here before I leave ~ yard must be cut tomorrow!  Even tho it needed to be cut yesterday it was too warm and today was hotter at a readin of 94* last time I looked.  Tomorrow will be about 20* cooler with the cold front moving thru.  And which also explains why my arthritis is giving me fits.

Have a great night everyone.



  1. Yay for finishing your Magdalena and boo on Arthur Itis. I know that fella and don't care much for him at all.

    It's greening up faster than i'm able to keep yup with. It's been raining all day but the sun just came out around 7:30 PM. I've worked pulling dandelions from a flower bed and did some planting and I'm starting to feel my age, darn it.
    At least I'm still alive and can feel pain...

    I hope that you have the best time with Barb.


    1. It should be "that I'm able to keep up with"

  2. I cute grass today wearing a sweater and sweatshirt. From one extreme to the other.
    I am not a purple person either. Alice Fraizer wanted me to put purple feet on my proddy sheep rug in the class I took with her. I just couldn't. But a couple years later I did put purple feet on a chicken for her and I actually think they are fun.
    Wonderful finish.
    Hugs :)

  3. I love the little touches of purple. Like Lauren, I always give my chickens purple feet.

  4. Great finish, Saundra.
    The cool air is here now - time to mow and garden ! Have fun preparing for your trip.


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