Thursday, May 28, 2015

Guess What Time It Is.... guessed it ~ time for another rug show.  You guys certainly know what I'm going to say next so I must be too predictable.  This is a cute design which was originally posted on a blog by Primitive Sue back in 2011 when her blog was active.  She posted it was an antique and had just hung it in her house over antique chests.  I could easily see this hooked with selvage edges of wool and I've started collecting them.  Sadly for years I threw them away but not any more.  Hmmm, guess the yardage needs to be pulled out and selvages cut off.
From the Folk Art Museum below is Adam and Eve which looks like a stitchery.  Wow, quite a piece of art and lots of hooking possibilities.
The rug below should appeal to cat lovers AND primitive wide cut hookers.  A simple naïve design with colors all of us antique rug love hugging hookers use and have in our stash. 
The Tree of Life below appeared to be hooked using cotton yarn.  In all honesty I doubt it is an antique.  Even tho it is a very busy and detailed rug there is something I like about it.  Maybe a Tree of Life needs to be in my future but one a bit more primitive and less color.
Below is a very faded, well used and well loved depiction of someone's pups.  I'd love to look at the underside to see what the original colors were.
Another faded rug is this floral with oak leaf corners.  I teeter totter between my like for dark backgrounds and like for light backgrounds.  I've done both and think my favorite is dark background.   

BUT!!!!!!!  While at Woolley Fox rug camp I saw some wool I just HAD TO BUY.  The wools were the same weave and texture except one is lighter than the other darker wool.  Soooo I envisioned hooking a light background using the lighter of the light to signify areas of more wear and abuse.  Do I know what rug I'm using it on?  Heck no, not yet; but I'll 'knows' it when I 'sees' it!
Okay guys and gals, hands down this antique rug below stole my heart.  Soon I'll be looking for a small interim piece to hook and keep me entertained between CHUM and Cape May rug camp in 4 months.  This cutie petutie will be my focus.  Matter of fact, I've a friend who would love if I hooked this for him so will make it a mat size.  But I want one too so will make two.  OMG, I love this guy, who wouldn't?

FYI, I'm still having fun working on CHUM and love the colors from my wool that Barb chose.  There is my son's rug to work on in the interim too but.....isn't that cat piece just too adorable to turn down?
For you newbies just checking me out, if you have a question please feel free to ask.  There is NO stupid question.  Remember that at one time I was also a newbie and swear to you was more scared and timid than you.  If you don't believe me then I can give you names of my first camp rug teachers to ask about me.
Am still swooning over that kitten piece who was so adored and memorialized.  Such a small worn piece makes such a huge statement to me.
If you are stressed, gather you rug and wool (your knitting, stitchery,  quilting) and bet your blood pressure will calm down.  Hooking rugs does this for me.  (Hugs BC)
Please be kind to one another. 


  1. Saundra, I do have a question, while on vacation I was able to go to my first wool/yarn shop. I know its unbelievable but I live in the middle of no where. Well I bought some roving to hook a sheep in a rug, Do you hook it like you would yarn and wool or proddy?

  2. I love your rug shows. I guess I'm on a hooking hiatus. Lola has yet to allow it. Although she loves to eat the wool :(


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