Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beautiful Woolley Fox Rug Camp

Everything was luscious with velvety green grass, beautiful gardens, pond filled with entertaining koi, and delightful yard decorations.  This is a picture of the boat in the pond facing toward Barb's wonderful home.
Another view of the boat with the huge trees in the background. 
This is a metal and bead sculpture on the bow of the boat but difficult to see in the pictures above.
Here is the Guest House back porch which is great to sit and hook with a glass of wine, enjoy the scenery and the sounds of birds singing.
This was our view of the pond and entertaining koi from the porch.  Once Deb and I heard a loud splash obviously made by a big daddy koi and sounded like a marlin had broken water.

This was our 'home away from home' for 4 days.  You can see a gas log fireplace to keep us warm if necessary.  To the left is the window next to the porch.
There were two ceiling fans in this room which circulated air for us the first couple days when it was hot and humid.  Just beyond those blue shutter doors to the right is our bedroom with two twin beds and wall A/C unit.  There is a fully stocked book case for your reading pleasure if your hook gets too hot from hooking so much.

Oh, and hooked rugs, some antique and some hooked by Barb hang on the wall throughout both this Guest House as well as the Woolley Cottage.
The mohair cat in the cage got Deb's attention and I just had to take a picture of it to post.  Notice the kitten on the outside looking in.
As this is a Bed and Breakfast there are dishes, microwave, sink, toaster, coffee and tea, condiments, egg steamer, coffee maker as well as breakfast food provided.  That antique stove is non-functional but it sure is lovely.
From our Guest House porch this is a view of the Woolley Cottage which Deb and I have also stayed in.  That is where the other 3 gals stayed who were in our class.  You'll have a chance to meet them and their rugs in a future post.
All of you may know that Barb has sold the rights of her pattern business to Katie of A Nimble Thimble but Barb will still continue to teach.  Katie is in the process of revamping the Woolley Fox web site but you can still order Woolley Fox patterns.  Once you decide which patterns, write Katie at

If you would like the experience of taking a class with Barb you can write Barb HERE.  Sometimes a person(s) will drop out due to various personal circumstances and sometimes spaces need to be filled.....just what happened to us when 3 of our friends moved or had personal responsibilities.  So call and put your name in or if there is more than one of you let Barb know and maybe you'll get lucky.

Have a great Memorial holiday everyone.  Tomorrow's post will be about a friend of mine who just published his first book.  He has been working on this manuscript for a couple years and is also working on another.  I swear that thing is as big as War and Peace.  The book is full of intrigue, and the setting is on another continent.  Drop by to see what that's all about tomorrow. 

As you can see I'm teasing you again by making you wait to see the rugs and the other gals in class.  But I figure since so many will be occupied with family and friend celebrations this weekend that the delay will be better anyway.



  1. What a beautiful place for a retreat, everything is so lush and green and wonderful the way she decorates, inside and out.


  2. Everything looks wonderful, was surprised to hear it was warm and humid, hard to believe as we are in low 60's but I love it as it's nice to do yard work. Glad you had a fun time. Did you finish the project you took with you?

  3. What a nice get away Saundra. I hope that you had a real good time of being there with like minded women. It looks like a real nice place to just relax and let the world go by.

    Love love that koi pond and the serene atmosphere around that place.

    As you all ready know, I'm so busy now just trying to catch-up on what needs to be done around here so I'm not leaving comments on blogs just now. My old list of things to do is starting to be scratched off but I have a long ways to go yet.

    It's 9:00 PM and I only came in a few minutes ago.
    Take care, Hugs,

  4. So lovely there. Can't wait to see what all of you worked on.


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