Monday, May 11, 2015

Mission Accomplished........ Or Not.

Was able to pull the last loop on Harvey's Magdalena last night and now it is ready to be steamed.... I think.  Before doing that wanted to check out the colors one more time on the computer because the bottom corners seem way more colorful than the top corners.  Yes, that shape was originally hooked by Magdalena herself but am wondering if I should pull out a bland color in the top corners and replace with something else.
Hmmmm, or maybe I should pull out that light blue on the left ottom and that bright teal blue on the right and replace with something more bland.  Perhaps that would bring the piece into harmony better. 

In my haste maybe my mission wasn't accomplished after all.  So now am thinking of replacing those two colors with a brown.  Soooo, before steaming thought I'd lay a couple different worms in those spots to see if it looks better toned down a notch. 
The first photo was in natural light in the shade the photo above the flash went off.  But think I do like the bottom better with the light blue and teal removed.  So guess mission isn't accomplished quite yet. 



  1. Yay, you got her done. I knew you would, you silly hard working woman... I like the changes better too.
    It will go very fast to hook back what was pulled out.

    I hope that you'll have so much fun that you'll forget all about what needs to be done for a while.

  2. I knew you would git 'er done and you did :)
    Good decision to remove the blue and teal.
    Hugs :)

  3. You're a hooking machine. Congrats on getting it done. (It would have taken me 3 months. Lol)


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