Monday, May 25, 2015

Meet the Group and See some Rugs

The end of any rug camp is sad because you not only leave one of your favorite teachers (in this case Barb Carroll), but also saddened by parting from new and old friends.

On the left in the photo below was a new friend who joined us; her name is Vicki.  She is working on Birds and Pomegranates which is an Edyth O'Neill design.  In the pink and red to the right in the photo is Joanne.  I remember seeing her at the Ocean City, MD rug camp ~ I'm terrible with names but never forget a face.
In the foreground with the green sweater is Colleen, a friend of Vicki's and they both flew in from Colorado to take their first class with Barb.  In the back on the left is my pal Deb who is at Barb's work space where she color plans each student's rug personally and individually.
The following rugs were hooked by Joanne (in the pink) she brought them to show Barb and to be photographed for Katie's Woolley Fox web site.  Below is a Magdalena Animal Parade rug.
 Another rug hooked by Joanne named Kansas 1878.
Purple Peeps below was also hooked by Joanne. 
My pal Deb took Monticello (a Karen Kahle design) to Woolley Fox last year and Barb asked if she'd bring it for show-n-tell.
Below are designs everyone was working on.  This one below is called Country Gentlemen (I think) and being hooked by Joanne.  Actually, she brought another rug to have Barb fix something that was bothering Joanne.  After it was fixed Joanne put this one on her frame.
Birds and Pomegranates (Edyth O'Neill design) being hooked by Vicki.
For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the rug below that Colleen was hooking.  What's worse is that when thumbing through the Rug Pattern book I did see it...once.  Since then I've thumbed through every page and cannot locate the design.  It IS there, why am I not seeing it??  Crazy.
Below is Gossip, one of Woolley Fox's newest designs; so new it will be the first hooked picture to appear on the web site I believe.  It is being hooked by my pal Deb.
Ah, so now you're wondering where my rug is...right?  Well I could do a whole blog post about mine so will save it until tomorrow.  Besides it will allow me to get a little more hooked for it's grand entrance.  No, it won't be finished then.

Right now I've got to go and TRY to start that #!*?% lawn mower again so that I can get Ben's backyard cut.

On this Memorial Day I'd like to express my gratitude to all the military who have served in this country to keep us from harm.  Sadly some warriors made the ultimate sacrifice.



  1. Saundra , such beautiful rugs! You always inspire me. Hugs cheri

  2. Yes, I am green with envy seeing all these photos of your great group at Woolley Fox. Not only am I a fan of yours, but of Barb's as well. Wished I lived closer so we could go together. Instead, I'll try to control the drool that is dripping on my keyboard.
    Eagerly awaiting the big reveal tomorrow.

  3. Is the pattern Colleen is hooking Antique Posies? It says it on the pattern below her hooking. Is that what you're looking for? Cindy

  4. So envious...sigh. The rugs you showed are so inspiring. Can't wait to see yours.
    Hugs :)

  5. It's always nice to see work of others. Thanks for sharing with us. Looking forward to seeing what you have hooked.

  6. Great rugs, each. And evokes lovely memories of my visit to Barb's. Thx for sharing.


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